The month of September was greased, it slid into October as if there were no days to record. October is my favorite month – I got married in Ohio in October back in the 70’s – thought that was a perfect time for marriage after living together for 4 years — we  figured we might as well make it legal.

I always loved how Fall assaults all the senses: the smell of burning leaves, trees dressed in reds and yellows as decay brings out the colors so alive, the feel of crispness associated with that cold edge to the wind and autumn working it’s way into winter.  It’s the season of expectation and excitement, a festive feel for becoming a Mrs.

I wore a long, patchworked skirt, he stood in pink shirt and navy and white tiny checked suit, (no, his name wasn’t Pee-Wee and hey, he was hot back then, it looked great on him!)  I didn’t want a wedding, they reek too much of pomp and ceremony for my taste, I just wanted it to be another day with no pressure. So we grabbed a few family members as witnesses, (None were our parents)  and went before a judge at the courthouse and said our “I do’s”.  I don’t even have a wedding album,  this is the only one picture I could find taken after the wedding –  

‘I do’ made it till about 2003 and after almost 30 years, I said, “I don’t anymore” — the relationship began to ‘decay and change color’ and for the sake of getting back to the subject of ‘beauty and splendor’,  I’ll just say I still do equate October as a joyous month. I can say love was the highest high and the lowest low.  It later brought three of the best children ever into my life – I loved being in love! But the other end of it was great  disappointment, as many of you have experienced too I’m sure. I’m still a big fan of love and marriage, just not for me, been there, done that, no thank you!

I have lived in Florida since early 70’s, I’ve missed the falls in Akron and I do miss the sensations associated with the change of seasons, something we don’t share in Florida, in fact it’s still hot as Hell, 90’s each day through into October. But the clouds and sunsets have been spectacular lately and that’s what I want to share – one of my loves is for the absolute glory and fascination of nature and science and the  creatures that cross my path daily, you are obviously aware of that from my postings. It’s become an obsession for me to use my camera and share this vision, and that’s what I intend to do, give you some images to enjoy, to make you want to go out, take even fifteen minutes out of your  day and let everything else in your mind go slack and be at peace with nature, let beauty and splendor absorb you. Simple as that — I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. And when you sit there, (and hopefully it’s with someone you love or enjoy,)  watching that storm or cloud, the moon or stab of lightning, butterflies, even bugs, say these words in a whisper, “Abbe, thank you for nagging me, it was worth it!” The wind will carry it back to me and we will all be happy in our shared cause of loving and seeking everything that we have no control over!