Had to run to my printers to pick up a print this morning. When I arrived they told me it would take another 15 minutes. So we chatted and then I asked if the bakery at the end of the shopping center was open. No one knew, they had not been there yet. So yours truly took it as a challenge. I could feel it calling to me, sugar is a magnet. I walked to last suite in the center and yes, it had an open sign and one sign stating it was “Gluten Free Friday”.
The Upper Crust (UC)”  was the name and when I opened the door, there in front of me were smiling faces and a glass case full of all kinds of treats. The aroma invisibly absorbed under my skin and I was ready for a treat or two or three! 
Almond tea cookies, oatmeal cookies, muffins, cookie bars, well you can imagine my veins were pulsing, my mouth watering, everything in me wanted to open that case and sample all! But I had to restrain myself and get the story behind this new business that began on Valentines Day by married couple, Dorema and Jeff Kutner. They were students together in Culinary school in Valencia College and knew this was their mission after graduation. The menu is full old family secrets that Chef Dorema has arranged on the shelves of the glass case. In her brochure, Dorema says, if you can dream it up and describe it, she can make it. She can also help with those having dietary restrictions. The site is  http://www.uppercrustdesserts.com/

Located at 1830 Longwood Lake Mary Rd. They have retail days Tuesday thru Saturday – 9:30am -6:00pm. They have gourmet coffees, can make anything custom like cookie towers, decorated cookies and treats, even decorated, personalized cookie tins.  They love working with businesses and individuals and will ship anything anywhere. They have sent soldiers in Afghanistan goodies!
You can email them at    uppercrustdesserts@gmail.com or call 407-388-2011 with questions or requests. In the meantime, stop in and try some of the wonderful looking sweets staring you in the face! I bought a tea cookie and fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies to take back to the print shop! The almond tea cookie was absolutely out of this world, I could have eaten the whole plate! Have a look  –            


Patronize our locals, I can tell you, it was a pleasure to explore this sweet place just off Ronald Reagan Blvd and Longwood Lake Mary, behind the 711. And get one of those almond tea cookies, it melts in your mouth just like the fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies. Muffins next time –

Alive After 5 was packed last night! Must be that the breezes have picked up a bit and the heat has tamped down a notch. The place was rockin’ — many people came out to pay their $7 to eat and drink and enjoy a great night of art and music and most of all, food! I counted 5 bands playing, people were literally dancing in the streets!  The Alley had a band, as did the Clock Tower Square, Art Affair, in front of the music store, across the street near the Welcome Center, music in many forms assaulted the ears in a good and happy way.  The whole thing began on  the first block of downtown on First Street. They had a group demonstrating exercise, there were massage chairs under one tent, and many business offering discounts under theirs. Dogs were everywhere too, the street was one flowing motion! Even doggie were there for adoption, Pet Rescue by Judy.
The Hyder Fine Art Gallery had new art by Doug Powell who has taken a break from his heavy duty works of arts made of computer keys or puzzle pieces, check him out on my past blogs.     Sharon Hyder took me to the back door and showed me her murals on the back walls and also a beautiful dragonfly drawing she is teaching her classes

Up the street at Gallery on First I ran into Mary K and I am so excited for her, she had one of her pieces selected for featured in TV show, Drop Dead Diva, how great is that! She also has a wonderful traveling notebook that goes various places like bookstores and galleries along with many others who have kept journals and are letting people see the work inside at these venues, I missed it the other night, I saw it in it’s almost final stage and Mary K. Shaw is a talented woman with a great imagination! And talk about imagination, they Halloween art is outstanding as it is each year, the middle room has work by two collage artists and it is a place you have to walk around and around to see more and more details on each piece. The two woman have a great sense of placement of objects. The place looked exciting! Fun fun stuff!

Art Affair Gallery was another place that was hoppin! Dlynn’s husband Jim was behind the drink tub selling liquid nourishment left and right, Ronda was busy helping her customers, it was heaped with people and a pretty girl and ukulele. Talked to Dlynn who was selling her cool jewelry. The artists on Palemetto were set up trying to sell their goods. I love the artists sign posted with great desperation, “name your price and take it.” Ballsy for sure.          I saw Alfredo doing charicatures, Saw painted car Car Hoods by Julie and Judie, (Julie Kessler was one of the J’s) Saw the Borges and their ceramics and wood working items.  I walked around, chatted then wlaked to the marina for sundown, it was actually a rather boring sun down, but the laughter coming from downtown made everyone happy – and that’s that, enjoy the pics