I always am a sucker for a local art event, enter Drew Woodall, CPM Media, www.cpmmediallc.com  — Drew is an energetic guy anxious for artists to succeed and has booked the Lake Mary Event Center on Country Club Blvd on Tuesdays through October and possibly for November and December. He is trying to bring in at least 15 artists to enjoy the gorgeous rotunda room in the Event Center to sell their wares. Drew is hoping to draw a niche into Lake Mary for those wanting to enjoy artwork on Tuesday nights – the surroundings could not be better. Though the venue was very quiet. Drew sent out mass mailings to certain neighborhoods through out Lake Mary.
The idea is a wonderful and generous  one for artists to have a venue that costs them a  $30 table fee for a four hour spread from 6pm-10pm. The trouble I see is needing signage on Country Club and on Lake Mary Blvd trying to catch impulsive art lovers and maybe flyers on the windows of the local restaurants, spas and retail stores around town. This is a fledgling operation, I hope it can draw in the customers to make it thrive, hey you have to start somewhere. Tonight there were two artists, a jewelry maker and a ‘skinwrap’, health suppliment dealer.
Randall Smith I have known for a few years as we both did Lake Mary events that were outside probably about 3-4 years ago. Randall has a robot fetish and paints with expressive feeling all types of  ‘bots’  and cartoon characters. He’s a graphic artist, does commissions, murals, custom toys – his website is www.randallpaints.com  – he was busy painting Sesame street characters for a weekend venue in Winter Park that is a tribute to the show- The Renegade Theatre  1824 W. Washington St. Orlando Florida  is having the Third Annual on October 19, 20, & 21st  (407-385-0204) I don’t know all the specifics, but I was told that usually a member of Jim Henson’s family shows up for this. Looks like an exciting show! He had a good assortment of art and even postcards for sale. Randall seems as if he has a good sense of humor.
I met Brandy Renee a painter who was painting a skyline when I arrived. I watched her using a palette knife as her brush, twirling and blending as though doing a dance on canvas. www.BRenee.com   – she had many originals for sale and her work is a good blend of  modern/contemporary art.
The jewelry maker was Lauren J. Clauss owner of Lauren’s Tiny Treasures —  www.etsy.com/shop/LaurensTinyTreasures – she has all handmade items and accessories  made of silver and stone and beading
her jewelry has been made as a way to help pay for her thyroid cancer treatments. Her Etsy shop will show you the wide assortment of designs
Diana Skinner is an independent distributor for skin wraps that are supposed to tighten and tone excessive areas on your body by topical botanically based wraps  – results in 45 minutes, her website is:
dianaskinwraps.myitworks.com  – its all about using natural ingredients to shrink and tone the body.
Here’s the photos, and if you have questions, call Drew 407-486-8478