It’s 2:27am, ever get a jump start on the morning after your cat uses the cat box, whew, that happened to me just after I fell asleep about a half hour ago. That smell penetrated my dreams and smacked my nostrils with reality! Had to get back up and empty the box and turn on the fan for some fresh air. Do cats do that as a joke to us humans?  I think so, these cats want attention all the time no matter how they get it. Well, they sure got mine. Who needs an alarm clock with “crap de la chat”?  But can ya be mad at such a face?
The start of another week. But, the moon is shining down, can see the shadow through the window. Earlier it was fighting to get through the ever present clouds. I had a hard time photographing it. 

Got a slight bit of rain this late afternoon, lake still could use four more feet. But I’m not wanting a hurricane! These next eight weeks are pretty crucial to adding inches to the lake and the wells around here before the dryer weather in the late Fall and Winter come. If it ends the summer like this, we will really be having a worse drought by Spring unless we have another soaker like Fay a few years ago when it rained 22 inches in about 4 days! The heat is massive as it is each summer. You go out and wilt until you hit the next air conditioned place. I even tried to fish after the sun was almost down last might and the stillness of the air and humidity made it impossible, (plus the fact I threw out some bread and there was not even a taker except a turtle who immediately noticed and scarfed up his or her good fortune. 

Saturday I stopped in downtown Sanford to talk to Rae Marie about an exhibit we wanted to do with several others. I saw a door that had an Open sign which I had not noticed — another shop opening! Of course I had to go in. Met Grace the owner who has many African made gifts, purses, baskets, leafpaper prints and jewelry by a local artist that was very professionally made. The shop is right behind The Art Affair on Palmetto, near the old Barbershop.
Here’s a glimpse so when you get up that way, welcome Grace and let her know how we all appreciate and benefit from these ventures! I wish her much success! Here’s a peek behind her door:
  A good variety of items to choose from!

I did venture over to Art Affair and found Sheri and her cook, Michael painting furniture. She was telling me that The Palette, their restaurant/Bar is now open at 7am from Tuesday thru Friday for breakfast. Michael has been making mango pancakes on some days. On the weekend breakfast starts Saturday at 9am so you have plenty of time to eat and visit the farmers market. On Sunday they have a mimosa lunch that begins at noon. Always making strides to up the ante over there at Art Affair. 
They have had artists design bat boxes to be auctioned off with a portion of the proceeds going to the Zoo in Sanford. That will be in September probably. Will notify you or check Have a look at how beautiful the boxes turned out:  They said they made the boxes after noticing how many bats came out at sunset right over their building.
Stopped by the Maya’s Bookstore and ran into Mary K. having lunch and young man named Thaddeus  reading a book all about the meaning of your birthday. It’s a thick coffee table sized book and Thaddeus told me the first time he opened it, he actually was on the page of his birthday! I tried but hit a November date. But many of the words mentioned about Virgoes applied to me!  Mary went on to tell me about the paper hats that they got in at Jeanine Taylor’s Folk Art Gallery and said I must try one on. So off I went to Gallery on First.   Jennie Robinson makes these hats out of 100% recycled paper and will have a trunk show in September, check the gallery for details,
They are so well made, very nicely decorated, So I walked over and tried a couple –    whereas Mary K looks adorable wearing these hats, I’m   not sure if I am the best advertisement for these adorable ‘chapeaus’  — they are very light though and not going to break the pocketbook. It seems like it would be fun to design hats after watching the “big” wedding this past May in London.
Finally I finished my Sanford business and got in the truck to drive by the marina. I saw two people catching fish, both women! Love seeing the woman fishing beneath their big hats so effortlessly they sit under that afternoon sun and it would make me melt into a puddle on the sidewalk, or my paper hat would catch fire! And better still, to see them reeling in fish!
There were a few families enjoying generational fishing too, looked like they were having a good time. 

Back home again,  the clouds moved in and threatened to rain, but nothing happened.  The night before I had driven to the golf course when I noticed the deeping clouds as the sun was setting. It was truly an inspiring sunset! Looked like a horizon beyond our planet.  The night too, I caught the moon all tangled in the branches

last night the clouds began their clustering around 5pm, made for good photos, but not much rain on our side of the lake, about three doors down they got a nice pouring, but hey, it’s going back into the lake and that’s what counts!  So start a new week with something positive and do something that makes you learn, makes you happy and makes you laugh, it’s good therapy to laugh!
Good morning. must get to bed, it’s after 4am and must catch a few Zzzz’s –  happy week ahead!  Hugs, Abbe  Enjoy some more pics

Also, here’s a blog by my friend and excellent photographer, Marlene, she is traveling around in her RV