Stopped by Pet Rescue By Judy today,  it’s because of the caricature that Afredo  Mujica generously made and gave to me, I wanted to make a donation somewhere and Rae Marie suggested Judy Sarullo’s Pet Rescue By Judy, 2620 Iroquois Ave. in Sanford.
Judy was outside busily moving things from her car. She introduced herself and gave me the upcoming schedule of events to help fund her vision of helping animals with a new facility and a low cost spay/neuter clinic near the Sanford dog park on 17/92.    I saw a well organized woman leading the way with zest for helping society with her love for critters in need! Coming up on August 27th and 28th are two events to benefit the animals. The first on Saturday the 27th, the Wash-n-Shop at Paws Park 315 S. French Ave where volunteers will wash your dogs  or your car, or both for donations. And on the spot is a Doggie Bakery, Grooming and Specialties for our 4-legged friends to enjoy .  All those getting car or dog washed and those making  donations will receive a raffle ticket. Across the street will be a huge rummage sale with cat lovers getting a free 25lb bag of kitty litter with a $5 purchase. Hours for washing are from 9am to 2pm on the 27th of August for dogs and cars. The Rummage sale starts at 8am, call 407-323-2700 for more info or go online at    – all monies raised benefit Pet Rescue By Judy.
On the 28th is the Seminole County Harley Owners Group 3rd annual Hogs and Dogs – (and cats too) the ride begins at the Winter Springs VFW for breakfast — bikes out @ 9am, ending at Mugshots in Altamonte Springs for lunch – to pre-register is $10 for a free Hogs Saving Dogs T-Shirt and pin, or $12 at the door, t-shirts while supplies last. There will be a Live Auction, silent Auction, Raffle and 50/50 – all proceeds benefit Judy Sarullo’s Pet Rescue. For details call Melissa Campenni 407-690-0888 or email: — again all proceeds go to Judy’s rescue.
I walked through the building filled with many many dogs and cats well taken care for by a dedicated  staff and many volunteers and they are always encouraging more volunteers to help.  
The dogs in the front area are over flow from the many rooms filled by dogs needing home. I saw faces hopeful that I was coming to take them home. The dogs in the front were extremely well mannered and did not bark when I walked in.
Amy was my guide around the rooms, we started with the cats.  I immediately noticed these two faces with their huge eyes. They are ‘Scottish Folds’, there are 3 siblings who have grown up together and are about 11 years old, but seemed so respectful and elegant. Their owner had to go into a nursing home and had to surrender the 3 of them. What a coat the gray cat had.
They had a beautiful calico that was there only because it’s owner was living out of a car and animal services threatened to take it away from the woman because of her living condition. The owner of the cat surrendered the animal to Judy on hopes she, (the owner) will have better living conditions soon after having landed a job. It must be so hard to have so little and then have to surrender the only thing that gives you emotional support and pleasure, your pet!
The faces all around looked well cared for. Cats were playing, some aloof, some want attention, all would like to be in loving homes.

There were 4 manx black and white kittens about 8 weeks old. The do not let you take a cat if you plan on de-clawing it. They do have de-clawed cats to choose from.
I also saw the isolation room with a couple sick cats being treated, one was called “Ears”, she only had one ear.
The cat rooms were clean, no litter box smell at all.  They really hustle around there for sure!
Many faces and personalities to choose from, they are so lucky to have a friend like Judy and her crew.

The dogs were barking at a very high decibel level. There were lots of  dogs, mostly big ones, though they did have a few small and a room of  mediums. I went out in the backyard and saw how wonderful the play area was. They had a plastic swimming pool and many places to get water. There was good shade and big pens also for newer dogs and dogs that might not get along with each other. The young man back there with the dogs clearly had great affection for the animals and they equally enjoyed him! I saw dogs that all got along and had a great time running in a pack here and there, playing briskly and never showed any dominance even with one being a pit bull. All were quite social and having fun.  









People like Judy who chose to take on such responsibility with life’s challenges of protecting animals at risk are heroes for these animals as are many other Groups around our area. They have big hearts like Gail Nagan who has rescued, fostered, picketed, protested and placed so many animals over the years,  they are to be commended for the life that they have chosen to lead to protect animals.  There are many local groups out there, if you have a spare bag of dog or cat food, most have wish lists, Judy’s is on her website.
Remember to look for upcoming events and support these local groups all that you can, I have watched several of them operating with so many “foster parents” taking the animals into their own homes and doing weekend pet adoptions at Petsmart and Pet SuperMart and Vet offices.  I am aware of RAIN, Rescuing Animals in Need,  A New Beginning, and a new group sponsoring  a low cost spay neuter clinic, SpayN Save ( Spay and Save works out of Vet offices I think, please check their Home page. If not for these people, so many animals would still be tied to fences and starved, beaten and tortured and many reproducing more unwanted animals.      So please check the home pages of your local animal groups and see what can be done to help our furry friends.
This weekend Gail Nagan will be out protesting with a candlelight vigil, she is actively involved with saving animals, I saw it about 3-4 years ago after rescuing a dog chained to a fence to die of starvation, Gail called me to go to the vet office to take photos. The dog was rib skinny, had swollen legs, and infected wounds to the head where it had been badly beaten. It took many months for it to heal thanks to a caring vet in Winter Springs, the dog was later adopted out with great love. Gail is great about getting signatures for legislation to benefit abuse of animals, she is on Facebook, (as I assume many of these groups are) and she is an avid animal rights protester – her contacts or 407-462-2320.  Gail can give the info about the latest vigil Saturday 7:30pm-9:00pm is National Homeless Animal Day candlelight vigil.
Sunday 11:am-12:30pm is a puppy mill pet store protest on Colonial and Bumby  —
Tuesday 1:30pm is the arraignment for Ginger’s killer in Seminole County – Courthouse across from Flea World – We need a lot of people to show to keep the pressure on the State so they do not drop the charges. They almost did once. Please check her Facebook page for details of important events – contact via FB or above info
Also this weekend, Divine Mother Earth:  

Saturday, August 20 · 8:00pm – 10:00pm –
Saturday, August 20 · 8:00pm – 10:00pm –
 Location  Divine Mother Earth home of Gypsy’s Lair Tribal Cafe’ & Organic Urban Gallery

307 E. 1st St – Historic Downtown Sanford
Sanford, Florida

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More Info
This Event was created by Rick de Yampert:Sitarick (aka Rick de Yampert) performs Asian chill, Buddha lounge, raga and world fusion on sitar and Native American flutes, with digital tabla and tanpura providing the cosmic beat and sacred OM drone.  Also, tribal/fusion dancer Laura Barsalou will be performing during the evening.$5 cover. Information: Radha at 321-363-4901 or Rick at 386-852-9162.
Hear sample tracks on the Music/Sitarick page at’s Lair Tribal Cafe is a new, intimate cafe and art gallery that, on the metaphysical space-time continuum, is located somewhere between Mumbai and San Francisco circa Summer of Love. The cafe is nestled beside Divine Mother Earth, a “Bohemian Gypsy-style eco-friendly boutique” that sells clothing and gift items from Nepal, Kathmandu and India.
online at

The nights have been very peachy/purple as it gets about sunrise. I have been trying to catch some of the colors at the Mayfair Golf course on Country Club blvd. I grab my tripod and make sure there are no last minute golfers and then I try and get some good shots of nature in all her beauty – Enjoy and make it a point to get out and watch a sunrise, or sunset, find a quiet place and let nature work for you. I do have to chase sun down because of all the thick trees around here, but when you see a colorful sky at night, the sunset will be exceptional.  I only wish I could have a bonus of the Aurora Borealis! Now take some deep breaths, relax and look around,  find something to keep you busy and passionate – and get away from the television, they say it takes years off your life and with the political climate,  we are all doomed if we get caught up in the craziness of hate, so hug a tree, cut some flowers, dig that garden, foster an animal or child and foster the positives of life,  and eat something decadent every once in a while and don’t feel guilty, and if you can’t, know that I will gladly do it for you!  

   As you can see, the new rescued kitty Luna is so excited to play with Sasha. At night they sound like a herd of buffalo as they run around. I think both are glad to have each other to bounce off of, (literally.)
Ringo still has no use for either of them