Alive After 5 tonight and it was HOT, not just hot, the humidity made it very uncomfortable! I drove under the threat of a thunderstorm which would have probably made it even worse. If you look beyond the road, you can see the rain to the right, that is south east of downtown. I was hoping the storm would not be heading in the downtown direction and luckily it didn’t. But of course, it does make the sky looked exciting.
Found a place to park and went towards Ronda’s Art Affair Gallery to see who was around, didn’t see anyone I knew. Ronda was gone, Sheri was cooking, no Leon, or Tom. But there were people enjoying the scenery and the food and drink at The Palette inside the Gallery. I noticed the latest room addition had a newly painted floor that looked great.  I did run into sweet Mauricio who does the gummy bear art, he is busy as busy can be showing all over from here to California. It’s so fulfilling and exciting to hear someone who is able to get their work out like that. That’s true dedication!

A singer was entertaining the crowd with mellow music.  As you can see it was a nice crowd, but missed Ronda’s ever energetic presence.  Here’s a few more pics:

Outside the gallery were two artists who did body painting and photography – called, “Painted Member Shots”. Emma and Alicia can be contacted via – here’s a couple samples of their detailed work: 
Lots of fun in these pictures, very inventive!

On the streets were many artists and lots of food. You could smell the woodchips on the grills, but not the long lines tonight.

Made my way to Framing 508 Gallery where Alfredo made me sit so he could make me into a caricature of myself. Alfredo is such a talent and so personable, he puts you right at ease. He said he started doing it in middle school and got a great response. Actually that’s the best picture I have seen of me – thanks Alfredo! I left it to pick up later so I had a free hand as I walked around and is my usual way of talking to people, I forgot to pick it up. So they better be hanging on to it! Next door to the gallery at Kim’s Riverhouse Pottery were the latest of Alfredo’s abstract/surreal/textured work, both turned out so well. Alfredo is always reaching out to challenge himself.

Kim’s place is always full of color and fun to photograph. 

The photo next to me is by Rae Marie who does personal painting of your pets contact Framing 508 Gallery
407-324-1577,  Rae Marie and Alfredo can both be reached there!

Off to the streets and up to Gallery on First where I check in with Mary K. Shaw and tonight they had these wonderful hat try ons and I missed it, but I am sure you can see them on their website,  if not, check Facebook.  I finally got to meet Suzi Doss who is creating sculpture of the more ‘generous’ female body. They are reminiscent of African fertility goddesses and she is just beginning to get a collection going. Suzi works at the Zoo prepping the food to feed many of the animals, she knows to a  ‘t’  how much each animal eats. She was telling me how much weight she was lifting in a day between boxes of produce and feed sacks.
Woman are really embracing her ‘figurines’ and enjoying her efforts. Can’t wait to see where it all goes. So happy she got space at Jeanine Taylor’s Gallery, I’ll have to keep an eye on her work:  
She held a larger sculpture of a body and if you see all the little tags across it, you would see the tags in the front are all of what people say to your face, and when turned around, it is what people say behind your back, very well thought out Suzi!
No doubt she will be selling out of these works once they are completed. You can find Suzi at the Gallery on First    One day I would like to capture her as she gets food ready for the zoo crew!  Miranda Lee Buzzella is sharing her booth and she paints women on toilet seats… (she wasn’t there to ask permission for a picture or I would have shown you.)
Also look for my friend artist Sharon Hyder who is teaching painting at Michael’s and does it out of the Gallery too, contact her at the Gallery On First if interested or via
her daughter was not there last night, but here’s a few of their paintings to see: roses with cat, corn, sunsets and pina colata’s.
Nancy Chenet was in her booth and took a photo of   Florida landscape with palms and one of lilypads, they look very white in the photo, but were more detailed in reality. Andrew Hyder was in house too and we chatted and I saw the continuation of his last piece, it will be stunning when finished, Sharon’s “kids” are all so talented.

Back to the streets to see the crowds enjoying themselves, drinking to excess,  ( had to make him undercover since I did not ask permission) – I hope he wasn’t the designated driver!                             It was nice to see some new faces like  Kirwin,  ( He did expressive painting work on glass and canvas:  (the picture with the canvas and the peace sign.
  Always great seeing Joanne and Tony Borges, what a fine and talented couple!
  Didn’t realize I snapped Tony as he was talking, he sure does have a nice finish on his woodworking!

One of the fun things about being out there is seeing people with their animals. Tonight I encountered a bunny in a stroller. I asked to take a photo and the woman undid the mesh cover to reveal a beautiful, Siamese bunny for adoption. Patti Brant was a volunteer and foster mother of this beautiful and soft rabbit. He was so calm and sweet and get this, litter box trained, a gentleman too! She works with the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue, – or contact Patti at
  two more volunteers with the softest bunnies ever and they are spayed and neuteured too! Go to their site for adoptable bunnies, it’s like having a cat without the attitude!

Saw the Fuze truck there and asked what type beverage it was, the guy told me to grab one  and it was really refreshing! Didn’t have my pre-requisite, about 18 grams of sugar, in fact, it had only one gram with 10 calories and was blended fruit juices, but it was perfect on a night like that!  

And here’s some other shots of the night before calling it quits: 

and of course always enjoy seeing what Bonnie Sprung has going on  , her work is at Art Affair Gallery and also at
(the glass work was not Bonnie’s)

The night grew porous, clouds taking over, but could glimpse spaces of another dramatic sunset, but was driving and lost sight! But the moon waxed full looking like a werewolf’s trigger, beautifully set between the thermosphere  and earth.  Tonight give a good look at the sunset and full moon, here in Florida the moonrise is  set to appear about 7:20pm – the nights have been a photographers dream lately so go take a HOWL and think of me when looking up at my favorite orb!  Tonight there’s a 2am meteor shower!


good to have a helper finish writing the blog and she’s a good critic too,