Saturday morning and the sun is already a vital force! You can’t escape being “blinded by the light”. 
     I found this cooter turtle up at the corner of my house and fence. When I fish, these turtles are
the biggest pain for stealing my dough balls and I hate when they hook on my line. It gives me as much pain as it gives them to unhook them as they hiss and try and tuck back into their shells. The shells are  nasty and algae covered, I have nightmares that they come up to my porch and break into my house leaving their slime all over the carpet and then break all my fishing polls in revenge. In fact, I am working on a book of absurb poems about these strange visions that crust over my dreams because of all the guilt I feel when fishing and yet I love to fish.
   The other day at lunch with some artists and writers, someone mentioned that to title a book nowadays using  “Zen” of anything is a automatic killer.  Darn, I was thinking of calling it the “Zen of fishing”, maybe I’ll just call it the “Nez of fishing” instead, or Tales From Beneath the Electric Blanket. I swear the electric currents make the brain waves flush out some strange visions and dreams!