The sandhill cranes wander in and out of my yard during the day. This causes a disruption for me as I see them and have to grab the camera. They are responsible for me doing nature photography, which you can see at  —  (plug plug)
    I never tire of their beauty or their antics. The other day it was like a steam bath in Hell around here, (Florida.) The temperature hit mid 90’s, but the sun bearing down with a great weight that felt more like an oven temperature of 350. Even birds know you must find shade. The baby crane, (born about 5 months ago) was yawning and his eyes were closing as he stood under the shade of the big camphor tree. Finally it
became a grooming session. Papa crane was busily cleaning himself and then the trio began to groom themselves and pull out their loose feather. The baby who is as big as it’s folks, bent down so politely in front of his Papa and let his father give him a little trim. It was absolutely a very tender moment. The sandhills are most excellent parents, they are protective and loving – a pleasure to watch. These are moments that one must share to appreciate the nature around us. We must lookout for the planet and our wildlife.  Abbe’s world is my attempt to seduce you into looking at what surrounds us and then wanting to 
take a little effort to involve ourselves in life beyond ourselves. You can take small steps, add a bird feeder, make your yard wildlife friendly. Don’t forget in these hard times that animal shelters, and animal groups  need help too. Locally you can help by buying that extra bag of cat or dog food and dropping it at a shelter or Pound. There are always need for volunteers for the local people who take in wounded wildlife in your area. Seek them out if you have the time. As corny as it sounds, one person can make a difference, be that one…