How many storms can come our way? Hannah one way, Gustav another – all that energy around here is driving all of us crazy. It’s called the waiting game. We are bombarded with media all day about the proximity and the track of the storms. When it gets closer, the Governor will have a big appearance with all his staff and emergency management to look authoritative. It’s all pretty much the summer drill for our politicians.
   The water gauge has fallen by over 3 inches on my lake, yet  the St. John’s river continues to rise, but has not crested quite yet. Sinkholes and wash-outs are common when the ground has shifted from the rain water and big holes appear on property and roads eating the air pockets under the land, some of those holes are very deep.
   The baby crane is losing his juvenile head feathers and becoming a little more red. The other heron I saw by a lake today and quickly snapped his picture. I have been very busy all week and have not taken many photos. I must get back in the swing.
   An afternoon storm is headed our way, can hear thunder now…the lake goes up, the lake goes down…I hope I can fish tonight, I need to feel that line tug with a bass…