Today was one rain band after another associated with Gustav they say. So I went to meet an artist at the Lake Mary Historical Society which is about 5 minutes away. The Society is having local artists show their artwork. There were several very talented painters and my new acquaintance, Madeliene who also is a new member  of Women’s Caucus for Art. She makes adorable boxes with all types of themes and will be teaching a class on how to make them.
   The historical society itself is loaded of cool of photos of the days when Lake Mary was forming. To think of Crystal lake with lovely white sandy shores and a large facility that rented out towels and rowboats is hard to imagine. Even my little lake was once pristine in the 70’s, all clear and people swam and boated around it. Today, no way would I even stick a toe in these lakes. probably because  of all these years of discharge from outdated septic systems and fertilizer run off especially from the nearby golf course whihc has mostly ruined the quality over the years. The whole eco system is different now. Two years ago the algae atop the lake was so thick, you could take a glob of it and wring it out like a sponge – YUK! (Note photo at top) It looked horrible. The toll of excessive fertilizer on the lake is horrible, but people want green lawns, they don’t care about the consequences of that stuff washing down into our water.
    It has stopped raining, might go back and throw a line in. Two years ago I had to wear rubber gloves to fish because I didn’t want to touch that algae on the line with the fish, thank goodness it has not gotten to the point where I am catching fish with two sets of eyes or tumors, not yet anyway…