Here’s the rest of story, my chrysalis as you can see from last night was looking really cool. I could see inside of it and that was amazing.
This morning at 8:30am I came out to find it had just emerged from the shell and was trying to right itself and I could not resist having a butterfly on my wrist. The wings as you can see started a bit rumply, but they relaxed as you can see in comparison with the  poor crippled butterfly from yesterday who still has sad, wrinkled wings. I can only hope the poor thing can still remain viable. It is on my milkweed plant so I can watch it’s progress or decline for as long as it remains.
As for ‘my’ butterfly, it is still in the bushes waiting as the sun dries off it’s wings. It looks very healthy and seems to be waiting for it’s moment to glide with the wind.  It will probably be gone soon, just the way it’s supposed too, I raise them right you know…ha ha

P/S  – the healthy butterfly is flying all over the garden in complete joy – the other is gone, don’t see it anywhere, let’s hope for the best…