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2509carbsfriendb-122509carbsfriend2a2509muscovyfriendfliesoff-1 Carbs the duck had a visitor this below freezing morning, (the temp was at 30 degress at 7am.).  A muscovy duck came to check Carbs out. It didn’t stay long, kind of strutted around and then flew away. He had a rather punk look to him, (I’m assuming it was a he.)  He just needed some piercings to go along with his stiff hairdo. The duck was larger than carbs, and didn’t seem to find my place to it’s liking. Or maybe it was the white twins who were also here and made a lot a ‘racket’ toward him, those white ducks are big quackers. The visitor sort of listened to whatever they were quacking about and split. I think they actually told him that the lady who lived here loved muscovy ‘foie gras’…

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