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My son in Tampa has a large fish tank, 240 gallons. It’s a saltwater tank with an assortment of fish and rocks and crabs to make the setting very calm and so much fun to watch. He previously had a 55 gallon tank he and his Uncle Bill made about 10 years ago.  He moved to Tampa a few years ago and had a 55 gallon there,  but last year we saw an ad one day for a guy moving from his place and he had this huge monstrosity of a tank. So we had to see what the final sale would be. Usually a tank that size with all the fittings would be several thousands, but this guy had to get out of the house pronto and sold it to my son for $500. My son was in heaven.  He has learned many things from having to strike a symbiotic group of sea creatures and maintaining salt water. When I visit we are always going to fish stores and there I get to embarrass him as I take out my camera and check out the locals.
This week we went to Life Oceanic in Apollo Beach. The young man who owns it was vastly knowledgeable about the sea and the things that occupy it. Just looking at the set up of tanks and listening to all his expertise was an experience. He had lots of live rock, most of it from Bali. He had assortments of all types of saltwater fish and even two octopus. We had a lot of fun looking at everything. The owner also goes to schools and does local events to lecture on fish tanks.
The owner is a first class salesman too, my son walked out of there with more than he intended to purchase.  Prices were reasonable and if you need any info, that place has a staff to give you all the details.  Check out

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