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BRRRR, it’s in the fifties and my fingers are so cold from being outside and taking heron pics. The heron is up in my pine tree. I only wish it were building its’ nest there like a couple years ago. I loved having baby herons making so much noise! The herons should be nesting now. But I have not seen them in their main tree they always nest in. Usually by now we notice herons grabbing branches for their nests. Once they begin building they are relentless in getting sticks and material to build the monster size homes. But I don’t notice this one doing anything except watching the water. With a cold front going through, I doubt the fishing would be good. Maybe it’s bad for the heron too and that is why she has come to call, hoping it will get me to bring out my pole and catch a bream to throw her. This heron is the smaller one, the other one is larger, that’s why I think it’s the female.
I don’t know, I came inside and am watching the stock market tank, the recession grow darker, maybe soon my portfolio will totally tank and I will be fishing for the both of us…


The kids are back to their shaved little bodies again. All the egotism gone, once the hair is shaved, Mussa the black persian is not the macho guy he was when he had fur. It costs a lot more to shave cats then for me to go to the beauty salon for the works. The beauty salon comes to them. It parks right outside my daughters front door and the cats go one by one for their shave. No baths though. They are really clean cats. In a few weeks the fuzz will start to come back. I love when the cats are thick with fur, though they do get matted even with all the brushing. I am not near as pampered as these spoiled babies! But I can say, I’m not as hairy either…112908cocoshavedc-1

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