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Weather radio cocked and ready, so where is the big squally storm? The other day we were on alert too and nothing came, a few drops. We need rain badly and there is a very nice soft rain falling now, so only hope that will last for a few hours. My lawn is parched, many dry spots.

The birds are out there, I hear them, but the only thing visible are the cranes. They always make my day happy. The photos are the baby, he will be gone soon. He has learned well from his parents, he is very alert, a great groomer and digs furiously in the dirt for bugs and worms. I will miss this baby, but know he is well able to defend and care for himself.  Too bad he can’t fly me over to the end of the rainbow to get a pot of gold, then to the Mall to holiday shop…


Morning brings the cranes flying over for breakfast and fast moving clouds. The southern winds are blowing the warm gulf moisture toward the north. This afternoon the north cold front will clash with this warm mass and BANG, we should hear some activity! I was gardening in front this morning and watched a big otter cross from little Lake Amory into the canal that leads to our lake. I rushed in and waited and waited to see it swimming, but not a sign of it. Oh well, I will shower and look for it later… you know there will be a photo if I see it! Stay tuned


Sunday was full of breezes and a woodpecker trying on bird boxes for size. The baby crane is getting more red on his head. The grass is very green with all the rain, and while the moon is full and beautiful over the lake, the fish are neglecting me. I have not caught anything in a while now. There is more water in the lake, I suppose they have deeper hiding places….

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