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Yesterday it was gray and gloomy and rained on and off late afternoon.  At around 6:15pm I was finishing cooking on the grill when I glanced and looked over the lake at the sky, it had turned a weird color right over Sonja’s house. I grabbed my camera and my son Adam to come look at the strange rainbow, like a wall of hues deeply saturated that did not arc, but had been splashed against the deepening sky.
Look for yourself, I don’t even know if I did them justice, but what a treat to remember! Love what moisture Must have been the moisture and sky clearing???

Finally it melted like sherbert over the lake

and we went back inside with a big smile – convinced we had looked into the eye of Iris and she had fully winked at only us!

Deliver me oh Iris
into your rage of colors
take me under your kaleidescope skin
let me taste confusion
lure me into Prism-atica

I think of Inness, Constable, Rubens
into crossing that line from primary
cursed to spend their lives
behind empty canvas
hunting you with boars hair
trying to capture your soul

She teases from behind
a drape of stiff clouds
demanding attention
taming the storm

then elusive Iris
smiles electric
bleeding her colors
firing our very synapses
into mnemonic intoxication

once we see it
once we feel it
once we taste it
we will long for the pleasure
of always chasing rainbows…




gray is one of those words that sounds rather dour, flat, colorless, but not for me. I see something in those shades of gray that is beautifully significant of nature’s generousity.

WOW was I treated to a wonderful day and night. First because all my kids came to spend time with me and second because nature did too.
It was brutally hot it seemed out there, but around 6pm, the sky clouded and it began to rain. The sun though kept peeking through the front of the house to the back, so I knew there had to be a rainbow and there was quite a huge double rainbow that lept right out of the sky! The colors were so vibrant and it crossed the lake also. Then came the huge fill moon poised over the lake giving earth a bit of competition.
How can you beat a full house on Sunday…

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