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100_1798re This was the view  from the back parking lot of Comma Gallery. Loved it!  Pam and I had to go check out what is new at Karen Carasik’s amazing place at 813 Virginia Ave, Orlando Florida.

Pam has only been in town about 18 months and had never been to Comma, so I told her let’s check out the wood cut block exhibit from Charles Turzak and the very allegorical paintings by Patrick McGrath Muniz.
When we walked in through the back we were met by this painting– I apologize for not knowing the artists name, but it was a terrific piece of work. Below that skirt are very strong calves and everything except the skirt & heels screams masculine.
100_1844res Further into the gallery were oils, acrylics and other media from the perspective of art crafted by world class artists past and present. One of my favorites is Grady Kimsey, he constructs very interesting figures and collages. 100_1811res

Also something new is all the wonderful jewelry by local artisans. The gem stones and variation of color and metals made the case sparkle.  100_1824re Other works look like this to give you a feel for the place:
100_1815re 100_1814re 100_1832re

100_1803re 100_1829re (that’s me in the mirror taking a photo of a Harolde Garde painting, the framed face above me. )        Carasik Ambivelant Journey The colorfully blended abstract was painted by Karen Carasik.
The woodcuts by deceased artist, Charles Turzak were so well crafted, they each had historical significance.  There are a limited number of prints of them at Comma, so better hurry to buy that special one ASAP!  100_1823re 100_1805re My favorite was Lincoln with the axe. Pam liked Carl Sandburg the poet. Loved Turzak’s art deco wood cuts also. Below are the tools used to make the amazing cuts. I can’t imagine the patience it must take, what detailing!

The other featured artist was Patrick McGrath Muniz, I will leave you with some of his fantasic irony and suggest to any of you artists in need of a space, there is one for rent at Comma — how can you lose elbowing with these heavy weight artists! Hurry before it’s taken. Call Karen (407) 894-4505

Go to Comma and see the fine details of McGrath Muniz paintings to appreciate the satire associated with them;

100_1818re 100_1816res

Now go pay Karen a visit. She has volumes of knowledge about all her artists. Go learn a thing or two and buy something; a beautifully hand crafted bracelet, a book on Turzak’s wood cuts or any of the fine art for sale inside the gallery and support the arts.

Enjoy the works of:

john Wilton –  Lynn Polley
Stephen Bach –  Bernie Martin
Karen Carasik – Grady Kimsey
Tom Sadler – Barbara Perrotti
Sally EvansGlen Hovis
Robin Maria Pedreo – Jim Casey
Elizabeth St. HilaireNelson
Camille Pissaroand,  and
Grayson Conroy

Grady Kimsey Camille Pissarro
Bernard Martin William Platt
Sandro Natullo Georges Rouault
Elizabeth Nelson Tom Sadler
Barbara Perrotti Maria Saraceno
Barbara Phelps Kathy Steckler
Pablo Picasso Terri West

100_4769 Despite a cold morning with steam rising off the lake yesterday, the afternoon went up to 76. That’s the perks of living in Florida, that winter sun really tries harder for us!
Carbs the duck was here and I decided to go to Sanford to do a few things and take some pictures, (see those at )  Had fun with my assistant camera man and son Adam as we saw lots of birds and
even enjoyed a swing on the wonderful long porch swings they have over looking the lake. It is so relaxing I would highly recommend this as “hydro”therapy.
I took some pictures of the green nasty pond near our house, it was pea soup quality: 100_4776 What our own Local government does not recognize is the need for aeration for these ponds. Small fountains using some sort of solar power is what we need, plus I still want my windmills for around the lake, but I am looked at as a looney tune at the mere mention. I just hate seeing stagnant water where algae piles up. It could easily be partially eliminated naturally by constant water movement, plus my lake needs grass carp.  Last night I was fishing amidst the locals:
12409waterbirds-1 and caught a couple bream for the heron. The night was beautifully draped in pinks.

This morning Carbs the duck has disappeared. I don’t see that duck anywhere. Hope it had a nice vacation here, I sure do, everyday — appreciate the little things… have a great day!  100_4819

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