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Went out around 6:45am to feed birds, get a look at the day. The anhinga was drying it’s wings, flapping them like a sail in a brisk wind.   DSC04406res The BOBs, Band of brother mallard/mix, whom I am convinced are reincarnated vikings with their attitudes, were wandering through the yard and settled to groom by the water.   DSC04401bobA-1res I still wonder where Carbs the muscovy went to.
The cranes came flying over, you will notice the baby is keeping more of a distance from its’ folks as they are harassing him more often.  Poor guy gets picked on a lot.  DSC04411res DSC04413res baby still has a way to go before all his color fills out.
But the reason I am so excited is because the herons are building their nest!  The first thing I noticed when feeding the birds was the heron flying across the lake with a stick.
000_0506heronres I ran in for my other camera since the battery was running on empty.  And I saw it leave and waited.  And it came back again, another stick in beak.   DSC04393res It then circled the tree and positioned itself for flying into the branches.   DSC04397res
DSC04398re This means it is officially Fall and we will have some eggs, when the eggs come, it’s about 28 days later that they will hatch.
I am on my way to get set up for the art venue, but thought I’d share the start to my day – I hope yours is equally exciting….

okay, how is this scenerio? Last night I was fishing with the mother heron. I had not seen the baby all day, nor had my neighbor and the young heron usually only stays in a 4 yard radius near to it’s tree with the family nest and because it has not been able to use it’s wings yet, it nests in the Norfolk pine on my property, but last night and the night before, it did not climb up there at night, so…listen to this…Last night I had the mother heron standing in the weeds next to me and there was a huge racket that came out of the family nest. It was so loud and boisterous, the female flew back home and that is a first, usually nothing at all disturbs her when I fish. Last night she heard all the noise and flew up to the nest. I went inside and got my binoculars and saw that both babies were up there versus the one sibling that has remained. Could it be the baby has found flight and went back home? It sounded like a reunion last night as there was all kinds of noises going on. The mother was up there flapping her wings and the babies big heads were bobbing up and down with their wings spread out also. I did not think there were 3 babies originally, it seemed like two were in that nest to begin with. Can someone tell me if one baby did fly down out of the nest, could it possibly go back there if it found how to use its’ wings? Why couldn’t it?  The babies, which actually are almost as large as the mother, were bobbing and screaming and wings were expanding and contracting, it was much louder than the normal, “feed me” noise they make. Anyway, I would like to think the baby heron had learned to use his wings and flew back home.

The mother stayed up there for at least twenty minutes, then flew back down to the weeds in the water again. I asked her point blank if that was the baby that had ‘flown the coup’, but she didn’t say, she only stared at the water waiting for the sound of the fish slapping the water as I pull them in. I think there is a story to be told in that nest!


dsc01244 Finally today it rained nicely in the afternoon. It was how it’s supposed to be,
the thunder clouds developed, the lightning flashed and the rain came
sheeting down. It really feels so alive, so electric! We also had some tornado
warnings, but luckily, nothing happened. 4109bayheroninrain-1The baby heron was drenched having no protection.

After all the soaking, the sky cleared
and the hour struck;  fishing time!
The mother heron flew right in over my head 4109motherheronfliesoverhead-1_edited-1

and took her place at the lake to the side of me. Mama heron watched to see if I would toss her a fish.
The baby heron was walking over toward us and
saw his mother, he came alive: his wings extended, 4109babyseesmomc-1



he hurried over to get as close as he could to her and flapped and flapped trying to get her attention.
He made his prehistoric plea, he jumped and ran to the edge of the sea wall. He was
ecstatic, overjoyed to see that familiar face who fed him. And in his little, baby
bird mind, I’m sure baby heron thought he was going back to the nest, that his dreams were going to come true, surely his mother would help him back to safety, back to where he would get a nice meal and spend time with the sibling who is still up there, but that was not to be. The mother would not even look at him. She ignored all his waving and sqwacking and his unbridled joy.  He continued for a few minutes more and then gave up, his head went down and he walked off in the opposite direction.

Poor thing, so  depressed and rejected, so full of hope and then so full of sadness.
No one can tell me that animals don’t feel! That baby heron looked at
his mother with the need of any child waiting to go home again, wanting to be protected and fed.

I am still not sure if he is eating too well. I see him down by the water pulling at weeds and I even brought him a small plastic bucket with a dozen live goldfish and placed it under his tree where he sleeps only to find the damn ducks trying to splash out the water and the fish. I know the heron did not eat any.
Oh my heart hurts for the feathered baby, his spirit tonight was broken. He still cannot figure out what his wings do or how to catch a fish, he is lacking in so many skills. And there is no way I can catch him, he runs if I start to advance in its direction. All I hope is he toughens up and learns all the skills he needs to grow strong. It will be a wonderful day when I can tell you I saw his first flight, it will be with the excitement of a mother watching her babies first steps!

Another avian experience today: I was driving with a friend to show her the marina in Sanford and on the road that runs parallel with Lake Monroe, a damn duck flew right into my truck, BANG! Its’ thick flying body hit hard but luckily it didn’t get bashed too badly, I looked back and didn’t see it on the road or side, so I suppose it made it to where it was going. What’s with me and these crazy damn ducks???

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