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Smoke and mirrors…the other day it was so cold here in Florida, in the fifties, which to me seems like below zero. But in the late afternoon, off to the west someone was burning leaves and the smoke combined with the light from the setting sun and seemed to bounce off the still water of little lake Amory. It looked like some enchanted forest whose entrance was being guarded by light beams. Behind the light was a time and place removed, and had I followed the beams, I might have been taken to a land where dreams come true…how about this dream, my 401K has no Citibank or other stock, and somehow it has been replaced with gold bullion…

This morning at 8am I grabbed my rod and walked through the yard to fish. I spotted the cranes flying across. They stopped at the neighbors and foraged through the backyards and finally came to my stump to grab some birdseed.
There is still nothing biting at the lake so I came back. I noticed Frankie the cat watching from her angle of what those 3 giant creatures were doing. I wondered what she thought when they all look back at her… Is she thinking, “bring it on you feathered birdbrains”, or “Oh man, I better act really cool then turn and go inside the porch.” She might have been thinking the first thought, but she followed through on the second…

Monday and the thunder boomers are already sounding their alarms for more rain this afternoon. The lightening is intense! It’s very close. 
    I still have not been fishing in the upgraded lake yet. The level was at 3.09 this am, down a bit from yesterday. Flooding is everywhere around here. How can we handle thinking that this next tropical storm headed for Haiti now might become a tropical storm, then hurricane? It’s too much to think about. We Floridians are in big trouble if that dumps on us like Fay!
   But nature around is booming, the birds enjoy their baths and butterflies are very busy in the overgrown and weed packed garden. The sky is dark, the turtle shell is art, and I have many things to do…

  This afternoon at around 4:30pm, the first rain bands arrived, it has been like a typical afternoon thundershower … so far, heavy rain and now nothing, but the sky does look full of things to come. There is no wind, all is quiet for now. The birds are active as always around a storm. They say Fay may be slow to move so there could be flooding, my garage in one corner collects water, so hope Fay hurries through and does not linger.
  And then there is the NEW storm behind Fay ready to slide into the next tropical depression, here we go like 2004, but so far it’s been a breeze, well, no breezes yet….

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