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Oh it was a sad headline this morning about poor Mary. I did not renew my past Zoo membership when it expired in October, that was the last time I saw her.  I worry so much for Maude who is left all alone and mourning her companion’s death. The two were bonded and it must be excruciatingly painful for Maude who must be wondering where her buddy of many years is.

This is a little tribute to Mary and Maude and some of the other animals I always find fascinating at the intimate Sanford Zoo, though I am no fan of the size of the enclosures of the big cats nor Maude and Mary. While it is an educational tool, I always felt Maude and Mary should have been given to Animal Kingdom to live out their lives. Their area is miniscule and made me always feel sad when I saw them, I hope Maude will be given the large range she deserves now, while their trainers and caretakers obviously love them, the living conditions were way too confining.
I do applaud the efforts of the Sanford Zoological Park to expand, and only want what is best for Maude. I know a committee is making a decision on how much stress is involved in this process, stress from being without a companion, more stress from moving Maude from her familiar environment and introduced to new herds. Hard decisions to make, if only Maude could tell us…

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Good night, sleep tight  

Anyday at the zoo is a good day,  and the Weather being cool, I made my way to Sanford zoo a few miles up the road. Hardly anyone was there so I took my time and roamed around really going over the animals. It’s such a tiny place and I always feel so very sad for the big cats and the elephants who should have plenty of roaming room with vegetation to pick at and there is nothing for Maud and Mary to do. The elephants have been there 20 plus years I think. I would never encourage them to be separated, but I would love to see them go to live out their lives on a big piece of property where they could walk around. They seem like prisoners on the yard!
The zoo has made strides for bigger enclosures for the cheetahs and the kangaroos, but the leopards look so very confined, all one can hope for is to teach children and others about conservation and helping out the wild animal populations. The staff was absolutely wonderful and very helpful. It all gave me an idea for a photo exhibition of my own. Hope I follow through!
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