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City Hall at Lake Mary has always wrapped their trees and it is a wonderful look. Tonight I went up there and walked around. Kids with their parents were in awe and they really personified the holiday spirit.  I took a few pictures of course, here’s the Abbesworld view:

Happy Holidays from the Arenson/Eshack family!  From all our animals, (though my cats won’t stand still enough for a costumed photo.)

From Andrea’s cats, Musa, Lola, Coco

And from Sasha,  Happy Happy-Joy Joy!

Today I went over to Petsmart in Casselberry, Florida where RAIN, Rescuing Animals In Need, a 501(c) Corp. had some of their animals on display for people to adopt. DSC01770res They had an assortment of cats and dogs, dogs both small and big who need new homes. RAIN volunteers foster many rescued animals they get  from people giving up their pets to rescuing pets from the streets and from shelters that have animals ready to be euthanized.
They take care to observe the animals first and get their shots and tests like feline leukemia, and heartworm updated. All adopted animals are neutered before adoption. You have to always admire these people for going all out to help animals find a loving home.  Here are a few of the photos of pets available for adoption. ANd you can contact them at 407-620-9736, or go on their website
100_4826res 100_4856-1res DSC01793res

DSC01761-1res DSC01752-1res 100_4846-1res 100_4887-1res

DSC01802-1res 100_4851-1res DSC01795-1res
The people at Animal Welfare Alliance of Central Florida have a wonderful founder and activist named Gloria Wade. She has been working with animals and looking out for their rights for years. She and volunteer, Gail Nagin, (who had just come from protesting the Greyhound conditions at the racetrack,) are both trying hard to get a ‘high volume, low cost” spay and neuter clinic for central Florida, one that only specializes in neutering because having animals sterilized is needed badly to discourage this overrun of the dog and cat population. That has to be a priority and hopefully it will be a dream realized.  Gloria had with her a “Chain of Colors”, each link representing a dog or cat euthanized in one Central Florida shelter.
100_4877-1res This link represents a Siberian Husky put to death because someone did not have the space for him, each link has a story, and there are over 5000 of them. Gloria
showed them to me with much sadness that so many animals have to be put to sleep because they are unwanted which is her reason for helping people have a low cost spay/neuter clinic.
100_4875-2res DSC01781-1res visit both groups are reaching out for your help, if you can, take an animal home and give it the love and attention it deserves, that is a great reward to all these volunteers who open their hearts for animals in need.  Contact AWACF about helping fund the clinic and RAIN  for any of the animals in the photos, and they have plenty more cats and dogs in need of a home, if you are looking for love, try looking here.

lakemarygazebo-2res It’s always fun to go to the Farmers Market on Saturdays at the back of the City Hall of Lake Mary. I went early to go get some of my favorite honey.  DSC09638res Frederickson Apiaries will be opening their own store and bakery in a few months. Will have to go for that grand opening! Orange blossom and wildflower are my favorites.  After walking around the many booths, I walked across the street to where they had opened a new shopping area.
The first store was Morris’s Market, they are carrying fresh produce, honey, meats, cheeses and they also do the Farmers Market with their own booth.
100_2356res There was a floral shop next door and I forgot to take the photo, but it had a beautiful courtyard in the rear packed with plants. Next to that was Coastal Gifts and Decor. 100_2366res
giftres There was jewelry, note cards, knick knacks with a flair for Florida seaside decor.  Next to that was Kristin Shaw’s trendy clothing boutique called, ‘sophie and trey’.  100_2367res Inside were reasonably
priced men andwomens clothing.  100_2368res Kristin organizes the once monthly, Paint The Towns. Now she is trying to organize artists for the Farmers Markets so they can display their wares on Saturday mornings. If interested, contact her, 407-324-5747.
The artists who were displaying were ‘Nine 2 Five’, Tina Pochedley who had beautiful handmade jewelry on her table, 100_2373res I apologize for having taken it from a distance.  She works with silver and precious and semi precious stones and does private parties. Her number is 407-467-8138.

Also on display was Shelia Golden who does wonderful animal paintings and collage and note cards, there are some on display at Coastal.  sheliares-1 contact:
The last artist on the street was Randall Smith who does very cool robot paintings and robot figures.  100_2369res100_2371res
To check out his work:  To contact Randall: 407-923-2075
The artists are always good to talk to and as I always say, support the arts!
On my way back to the truck, I stopped at the SPCA booth and got a t-shirt for making a donation.  spcares spcares Remember, not only our artists need support so do the local animal service groups!
Walked past the Orchid Nanny,  100_2377res Though those orchids are gorgeous, I have a very deadly thumb with plants that need attention.  But I find inspiration everywhere and always have a fun time making abstracts out of the picture I took.
orchidabstract-1res sheilagoldeninspired-3res


First of all the clocks ‘sprung’ ahead last night, but I got up at normal time. Bella and Ringo the cat and I went out the back door, (actually Bella is about 3 feet behind Ringo being that Ringo is about twelve pounds heavier than Bella and sometimes looks at Bella as a nuisance animal and pounces.) The first thing I saw was the otter swim by so I turned and ran in for the camera and the otter was long gone. Missed that shot. But did see Elvis the duck was here visiting his buddy Carbs. They posed for me.


My philosophical and wise neighbor Dee always says if you get one muscovy, a lot more will follow. I am hoping Carbs is keeping a low profile and only entertains once in a while. The worst thing is the duck dung, it is all over the bank and where I fish, I can no longer wear my shoes in the house after fishing, they have to be hosed off! Gross!                                             100_0065

The ducks were all at the lake and when we walked down there, I saw one duck egg on the bank. I walked over to go get it and a big black bird swooped it up in it’s mouth and took off! I am going to get out earlier to see if I can find duck eggs. I often see cracked ones so I assume Daisy and Lily the Pekin, Aflac ducks are on a roll, (ha ha ‘cheep’ humor.) I am going to try and hatch one if I find one whole. It just amazed me that crow could carry it off. I wish I had had time for that photo.

The mocking bird was singing away on the chimney as usual. His song fills the fireplace and living room with bird music in the early morning.  He is the reason I am not using the fireplace, too much nesting material up there!100_0072

The mama crane came over and gets more rusty looking all the time  – I looked in on her yesterday and she was sitting on nest so did not see if both eggs were present.100_0079And thats it for the morning at least. I missed two good photo opportunities. One day I will get that otter photo! Maybe it will show up tonight when I am fishing. Well, looks like a gorgeous Florida day with 80+ degree temp, I can dig it! The water level is dropping low, can’t see my small meter yet, but it will show soon if we don’t get any rain, it’s too dry.

One more close up of Elvis the muscovy to go- do you believe in reincarnation? This duck wiggles like Elvis too! Later…



And now we have 3!  Another muscovy was out swimming with Carbs the duck and that other male muscovy that comes from time to time. Bella the Chihuahua was trying to herd them, she had already done a great job of turning the crane away. We are expecting rain and a big cold front, so I must go hurry down to lake and try out my new rod holder my brother bought for me at Gander Mountain.
Yesterday I had to take down my artwork at the Maitland Library, got there just before they opened and that is one busy library, even some tourists came in asking for things to see around Maitland and Winter Park and the librarian gave them great information. Afterwards I walked to Lake Lily which is a wonderful and calm park with a round the lake walk way. My purpose was to look at the muscovy ducks and see how they differ. And there were a lot, too many to show all the photos I took. The best thing was the turtles are not freaked out by people and actually sit close to shore. dsc00587

Ut oh, clouds building, have to fish before rain – be back later    100_5090

I am here in Tampa spending however many days I feel like spending. There is always fun to be had with my oldest son and his girlfriend. In fact, I have met my latest grand-kitty Sasha, sashaedit-1

She is a chinchilla type persian wih big bubbly green eyes and absolutely so friendly. And she and Bella get along fine! though Bella does try and protect me from the cat every so often growling at the kitten if she gets too near to where I am sitting. bellasasha My son is totally smitten over this kitten!

he is also crazy about his fish tank and we had to go to LifeOceanic and take a look which resulted in the purchase of 3 fish, well, two and a lobster tail!  He bought a larger puffer fish, 2puffersnow there are two, though at first the small one kept trying to take a few bites out of the new arrival, but he finally calmed down and now they swim near each other. He bought a damsel that is wonderfully neon, but swims too fast to take a photo of and also a lobster, a spanish variety that looks like a giant cockroach and scurries about looking for places to hide. the-spanishlobster The fishtank is a wonderful adventure in itself, and I am hoping we might be tourists today and go check out the Tampa Aquarium. I want to see the big picture.
Meanwhile, yesterday when we were out doing real estate stuff, we saw gators in retention ponds and I had no camera with me, bummer.  But we did go by the gulf of Mexico near the ports and watch the shrimp boats roll in and see the vast ship yards with boats big as football fields.  Life is busy in this city, the roads are packed. Tampa is not a place where I would like to live even though the Gulf of Mexico is beautiful.  I am still sticking to my home base for now.  Roger – over and out – hope to have touristy pics later or tomorrow…


My job today was doing a favor for a friend who belongs to an animal rights group. She asked that I go down to take a photo of an abused dog to document injuries in case they can prosecute the owner. I went to a vets office, Dr. Hill who had this sweet, defeated little girl in a clean cage while she continued to heal. The poor animal was found chained to a fence and the “owner” claimed a friend of hers left the dog and never came back. In the meantime, the dog was chained and not fed or cared for! The dog was left to the mercy of other dogs who came and ripped into her viciously, tearing the flesh and puncturing her all over. They said a man tried to blind her by hitting her repeatedly in the face.  The ankles and feet were quite swollen, also the ribcage was distended and her ribs visible through her wounded flesh. She also was suffering from a type of demodectic mange, non-contagious.  Yet with all her afflictions, she trusted my hand when I placed it on her wounded head and she ate a dog biscuit quite happily.
Despite all that, since no one says they actually “own” the dog, no one will probably  be prosecuted.  That’s the worst part. That and wondering how people out there think it is fine to starve a dog to death or beat it until it’s blind, or just do something malicious to an animal because it’s an animal and to some humans it means lower life with no soul.
Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” In that case, we are might be in big trouble! More and more animals are being abandoned at an alarming rate, some shelters can’t even take them anymore, they are overwhelmed. Below is the site for the Humane Society of the US who can give you help if you are having economic woes and need help feeding your animals. The HSUS has an email address for you to communicate your needs and they will try and help. Also, check out they keep abreast of court cases, though I am not familiar with that site, it sure has a lot of info you can get locally. Animals should be protected too. No one likes hearing these stories of people burying puppies alive, setting an animal on fire, fighting dogs, or violence perpetrated against an animal just for the fun of it. Do something! Be a voice for the animals, they need us more than ever! Donate to local animal groups when you can, help out, volunteer if you can, but don’t walk by and ignore those who need us. This dog has been abused and neglected, but through the efforts of caring individuals, animals like this can have another chance at life.
It will take months for this little girl to heal, but the fact is, she has the luxury to relax and let the immune system kick in with the help of medicine and people’s kindness. She will go from being chained to a fence and left to starve to becoming someones love. Hopefully in a few months I can take a picture of her with her new owner, I can see her happily running and licking the face of someone who will love caring for her. Look into her face, could that new owner be you?

P/S — since this was written, “Savannah” is doing much better and healing nicely I am told, but could use donations for her continued care.To make donations for her and others contact:  Gail Nagan

The Animal Welfare Alliance of Central Florida
P.O. Box 181176
Casselberry, FL 32718-1176
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Below is a comprehensive list of pet financial aid-related organizations, listed alphabetically by state. top of page

If your organization is offering assistance (such as pet food, discounted veterinary services including spay/neuter, temporary foster care etc) to individuals who are facing financial difficulties due to the current economic situation, please let us know about your lifesaving programs by emailing

group that is helping the rescued dog is Animal Alliance

Central Florida groups

501(c)3 rescue group.

A New Beginning Pet Care and Rescue
P O Box 536113
Orlando, FL 32853
Phone: 407-251-5458

Best Friends Animal Society

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