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First of all, the lake is up another inch and 1/2, 5280910am and I suppose it will continue to rise little by little as we are now having afternoon thunderstorms daily, the way it used to be in summer. It is very humid – like a steam bath today. I went to check the lake and saw the baby woodpecker sticking his face out of his hole, and of course I didn’t have a camera at that point. But I hear babies inside and there is also a Great crested flycatcher that has new babies. great-crested flycatcher-2 I have never noticed the  Flycrested  before.
There are lots of  woodpeckers lately, they are all over! As soon as I put seed out in the morning, my male woodpecker is right there always first! He does not seem that scared of me taking his photo anymore. Wpresize
And it’s not just the small red bellied woodpeckers, it’s the pileated too. 2pileatedwp-1_edited-1
The woodpeckers are all over jackhammering trees. pileatedontree-1_edited-1 The pileated are here in pairs, maybe looking for some real estate.
Another thing I noticed was a bee that had fat orange ‘barrels’ around it’s back legs. I have not seen a bee like that before and it is not bags of pollen, 52809bee I don’t think anyway.
Yesterday put a humming bird feeder out, but have only seen one hummer the whole time I have lived here, so maybe, maybe not – I promise, you will be the first to know!!!
How fifteen minutes makes a difference, take a look – weather52809noon_edited-1 AND,
we have our first tropical depression forming in the gulf, YA WANNA KNOW TROPICAL DEPRESSION — YOU CAN”T FISH CAUSE IT”S LIGHTNING! Here we go again, will post a daily water meter reading…





The female Pekin ducks have been hanging around
the males too long. Now they are emulating the same
behavior. This morning after the male mafia had been
on shore, mobboss1

they all consorted with Elvis and followed the Pekin twins around, (no eggs so far this morning).
And after the males left, the girls were swimming and one  jumped on top of the other and
waterboarded her repeatedly for about a minute and then both came on shore and were BFF,
(best friends forever). This domination ‘game’ is crossing genders and I guess the females are
prone to acting out for showing who is boss of who just as the males do. I don’t know if Lily was
the boss or Daisy, but they have been corrupted by those mean mallard-mixes who use waterboarding
as normal domination we are discovering.
The baby heron was out this morning sitting on the trunk of my dead tree, I tried fishing a bit,
but he wandered off.
The day looks gloomy, supposed to make it to 90 degrees possibly. The humidity is already making my hair
frizz like the bride of Frankenstein, next thing I know there will be birds nesting in my hair as I fish!

Gotta go get ready to start the day….. Here’s a happy photo, a bee doing the right thing… not stinging me!


Ever get out the clippers and start trimming away at dead follage and suddenly, whamo, a sting here and there? Well, today I was out trimming the bird of paradise and bent over and there on the underside of the leaf was a good sized wasp nest inches from my head. Luckily I didn’t disturb them as the wind was blowing a lot and I think they mistook my motion for the breeze, It seems the wasps around here love the undersides of plants like this bird of paradise. I hate it when I’m gardening and get stung. Sometimes I don’t even think about it and get right under my plants and pull weeds only to find either the damn ants are attacking my feet and hands or bees are building some prime real estate. I did clip off that leaf and threw it in with the leaf trash as the wasps flew off. So the next generation on that particular leaf won’t be waking up to join the garden party of “let’s sting the the host”.  I see a few regular bees, but mostly these wasps who will make their nests on light fixtures outside or anywhere they just want to piss you off from. I had several near the front door where they would build and I would knock it down and they would rebuild and I would knock it down, and then I sprayed and that helped for a while. I guess you just have to accept that this is just about natures ‘natural selection’,  they seem to select places that I naturally appear…

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