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She’s arrived!  
As many of you know, I have been waiting for the birth of my first grandchild.  The due date of this baby was August 12, but the doctors were  afraid the baby needed to come out sooner because it was very small. The doctors decided to induce and last week they did.
At 5:30am when the kids left for the hospital, the moon was beaming and so was I.  I figured I would go to the hospital when labor got active.
They broke the water and then contractions began and around 10am the epidural was given. I headed on over to the hospital and met them in their room.  Leila looked radiant, Aaron looked ready.
I was the “monitor watcher”,  checking readings on heartbeats for both Mother and baby and the blood pressure too.  At one point the baby’s heartbeat suddenly went from 145 to about 50 and 60 and you never saw such a quick response of nurses coming in and giving oxygen, shifting body position and it stimulated the baby’s beats right back up again. We were all so relieved.   That was very scary! Each labor room is assigned with a team and our head nurse was Rachel and we all just thought she was the best!
Labor moved along with Leila not even hardly feeling the contractions, I would tell her as they came and went.  Aaron fell asleep,     men and labor, it just wears them out, haha!
Leila’s Dad came over around noon when she was pretty well dilated.   He took over monitor duty.  Shortly after 2:oopm  they said Leila was dilated and gave the go ahead to push. After only 25-30 minutes of that, we had our baby!  I was so lucky to see her come into this world!  And what a baby! We expected to see some ‘Prem-mie” weighing less than 5lbs, with undeveloped lungs needing to be in NICU, intensive care. Not our baby! She came out looking full term and weighed 5lbs 9oz. Her skin was rosy, her cry strong, and she got a perfect Apgar score of 10 upon arrival — touchdown! Leila made it look like a walk in the
park!  She was so lucky! Here’s a few pics:
Big cries!  The nurse looks over our newborn,  As does the Doctor.    The happiest parents!   The relieved Fraternal Grand mother and Maternal GrandFather.   

Aaron and his new daughter check each other out. She was so very alert!  She had a good cry!           She got a Vitamin K shot and wailed, then came a few tests and eye medicine and then she was allowed hugging time.   To us she is a perfect angel! 
Later that day when they moved the kids into their room, we got much more one on one time.  The baby was so very alert and kept looking at us so intensely it seemed.  The visitors came and went, Leila and Aaron’s friends are just wonderful and caring.  Andrea and Adam came over too, they were so happy and excited to be a big part in her life!

Here’s a few pics of my days spent with the new baby – I am so proud! And proud of how fast the kids are adapting to parenthood! Nothing fazed our macho Aaron at all about diapering, dressing or mixing a bottle and feeding. He is hands on I am proud to say and he is totally hypnotized by his baby!  Leila too, completely smitten with love, she is a  loving and nurturing mother. This baby is loved loved loved like crazy!   After this blog, I will settle back into nature and art, but for today, here’s some more pics:  Day Three – Home coming
Aunt Andrea is in love!    And so are   Maternal “Grands”, Lynette and Mark.
Sasha is convinced it might be a kitten from it’s cries.  Bella is just an attention needy dog who thinks everyone is coming to see her!   
The next week brought more family and friends and a celebration of life.      Uncle Adam holds his first newborn niece.
Day one and checking out the scenery.
Smiling while listening to Daddy’s heartbeat   and also conversing in his lap

Warm hugs from Mom.  
The happy family!  

The first evening stroll outside with Dad, Mom, “Gam” and Bella.

Daddy is so tired he is walking in his sleep.   

And that’s just the beginning of a new life, we all feel so fortunate and ecstatic!  I guess I will be a busy grand mother traveling back and forth —   Thanks a million to my kids for this gift of total love,  the big question still is, do I move???


This morning two otters were swimming quickly at the neighbors, I only caught them as they were almost gone into the canal for Lake Belaire. Sorry only able to give you glimpses. Here’s the tease.     I wish I could have caught them closer. But I was looking for the cranes as neither the male or female were on their nest. That meant there was at least one hatched egg. I did some gardening and then an hour later, I spotted the parents across the lake, they were away from the nest and when the parents are both away, that means the babies have hatched. I went to see  how many babies.
There were two, I bet they were born this morning. The adorable colts, (the technical name) were still rather wobbly, but the parents were very protective and feeding them well.  And here are some photos of the new family.
and here’s a little video   video.php?v=1362014540383&ref=mf hope that comes up.

I watched them for a half an hour and the babies were so adorable. The first one stayed very close to the parents and seemed to have a lot more energy. The second seemed more unsteady and would lag behind a bit. Finally after following and following the parents, the babies sat down and the smaller one just toppled over in exhaustion, oh I would have loved to hold it, but I know better, the parents are very protective.    Poor things little eyes closed and it fell asleep and woke a few minutes later to follow along again.  I left there with a huge smile to see young ones. That’s always a great sign.
Back at home I clipped all the dead passion flower off the fence and did a bit of pruning under a 70 degree sunshine and it felt wonderful.
Papa crane flew over for dinner, both herons came to fish and the night was a bit cloudy, but full of hungry heron baby sounds. I am able to see a bit of waving head up there.
But can’t get it on camera yet. Here’s my heron – tomorrow another adventure…

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