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It’s a blue moon tonight with Ringo having disappeared last night and has not come home to eat all day.  That’s what you get with a rogue agent like Ringo. I miss his funny face and sparkling blues!
We fished last night,  and as always he waited patiently for his reward, but nothing came. Maybe he went to go live with a better ‘fisher’?  All I know is, there was no sign of him anywhere all day. Tonight I went to several of the neighbors whose homes he frequents and no one had seen him. The neighbors checked their garages and looked all over, but no Ringo. I am hoping I will look up and see his face at the back door, but so far, nothing. To those of you who say that’s what happens when you have outdoors cats just don’t understand the dynamics of a cat who was brought in by my neighbors as a stray and raised for years as part of the Loch Arbor scenery. I have inherited him, but Ringo does his own thing,  though he always comes home. Most people around here know Ringo and enjoy seeing his handsome face, they know he is a rascal.  Maybe he needs a tracking chip!
Let’s hope he is somewhere safe, and if someone catnapped him, they will learn he is not a cat you keep inside for more than a four hour stretch.   I have no reason to doubt he can fend for himself, he eats lizards and birds and would find his own food with no problem.  Just wish somehow  knew where he was. This is not like Ringo to be MIA like this. AT least everyone is on the lookout. I’ll put his face up by the stop sign tomorrow if he doesn’t show.
Around here it is hot hot hot and no rain in sight, I bet we will get dumped on all at once again. WOnder where this tropical depression will hit? Will it build to become a hurricane? Will have to watch. Thank goodness the well has stopped leaking oil, but there is still a lot of oil out there. What happens to the streams of oil once picked up and swirled in a hurricane?
The birds are very quiet lately, not as many as in early spring. I do see my beautiful jays come all together before 7pm. There are still five of them and they get quite snippy with each other.  Here are 4 of them, they are  hard to get at one time.   and of course, the cardinals are adorable to watch as they interact with the bold jays. The cardinals are much calmer.   Have not been getting grackles, though the crows come in the morning and early afternoon.   Monday and Tuesday I finally put a photo\art book together, it was a lot of fun and look forward to seeing the finished product when it gets here. I would like to do a few of them on different subject, but the cost seems high with the shipping being about $3 over what normal flat rate mailing should be. I even tried calling Printers, Book Binders and Graphics places this morning and was told for them to make the photo books would be expensive, I was hoping to be able to buy them in bulk fairly reasonably, but can’t find a way to sell below $25 to squeak buy with a tiny profit. Anyway, the first book is on Crows. Will give link when I see the book and it’s finished product.
My Kodak Easyshare P850 died, I put in the recharged battery and it acted like it was taking a picture and flashed like it, but there was nothing but black on the screen. I checked the settings, re did the battery, set back to default and nothing but black. Time to replace it.    Ran over to Best Buy to look at what they had, liked the Sony HX1 and the two young clerks, Byron and Kristen were wonderful and helped me do comparisons with the Nikon of the same specifications. Will consider my options, love the 18 months same as cash!
Saw a hummingbird tonight as I was putting weeds in the trash, it was drawn to the lush red buds on the fire bush. I hurried out with fresh hummingbird food, but the only thing attracted to that seems like the carpenter ants.
In the meantime, I keep looking up at the back door, then walking over the the front door and open it and call Ringo’s name, then  stare and stare and stare…       Where’s my boy?

I was at the computer when I looked out and watched cardinal grabbing berries off a branch of a bush.  73009cardinal&berry-1res

So I decided to wander the yard and see if any photo-ops presented themselves.  The  ducks were waddling around,   73009BOBsandPeking-1res
the dragonflies were stopping close by,  73009dragonfly-2res 73009bluedragonfly-1res
and even a skink came out to sun on the stump of the pine behind the hibiscus-  DSC06147res – I noticed my meyer lemon bush is getting filled with green lemons slowly ripening, 73009lemon-1res
bird of paradise had emerged  DSC06920res but the best of it was when I looked over and thought I saw a hummingbird and it was! A little beauty that was going way too fast, but did get a couple lousy photos ,
73009hummer-1res But it was a real exciting nature encounter! I was so excited that I ran to grab my old hummingbord feeder, got some hummingbird food in it and ran out the door and tripped, the feeder flew out of my hand and fell and broke a seam on the side and all the juice leaked out. I grabbed the keys and ran to Walmart, I needed a few thingsanyway. I bought a glass feeder and filled that and now I have a hummingbird corner.  73009firebush-1res So now I keep looking over waiting and waiting to see one show up – jeeze, I hope it won’t take 4 more years!!!  And a big shout out to Richard and Christine for supplying that firebush that brought the hummer over the fence – A BIG BIG thanks!!!

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