August is the Hades of the summer, well, September too. In Florida we hope to get a pass on hurricane season, nothing much has affected us since 10 years ago, kinda scary!
The weather gets more extreme as does the quality of art out there. there are so many innovative artists. people seem to grow more imaginative all the time and last night was no exception in downtown Lake Mary, Wine and Art.

First of all I must mention that the sky has been extremely beautiful, lately the clouds are majestic, they could not be more beautiful as we wait for the mostly daily dousing of rain. The summer mornings are dreadful, few clouds,  a menacing sun pouring lava humidity and heat upon us, we fry! Then things change and the clouds come into play just waiting for their own chance to meet and greet and bang! Here’s a look at how it’s been. I look up all the time, it’s second nature. When I drive usually my camera is at my side, the sky is always ripe somewhere. And many nights have been extraordinary in deep pink and blue.

DSC06302res  an early morning etching by Sol!  DSC06337ares  IMG_0044aresd

IMG_0039ares  the sunset over at the Sanford marina. Sky watching is my zen.   IMG_0038ares  It’s fun imagining the shapes and motives that form



By Tuesday decided that sepia was the mode to use:  IMG_0039a1res   The tropical storm in the gulf was making the air unstable which leads to great viewing.

So Wednesday night saw the sky to the east and figured I should go to The lake Mary Wine Art they have each month on the first Wednesday at City Hall. I haven’t done one as an artist in a while, and when I did it, we had tables on the streets near the businesses. Not anymore, all art is under tents around the beautiful city hall. The organizer, Drew Woodall was one of the first people I saw,  he is truly dedicated to keeping this up and running! Drew had longed to get the art going a couple years ago and he organized and it keeps him on his toes. He strives to keep it fresh and energetic and he’s doing a super job. Hats off to Drew! (And he’s just as goodlooking as he is kind! A Good combo!)

Since it was only about 6:15pm, it wasn’t too packed, but people were taking advantage of the food trucks – DSC06660are  Sky was churning from the north east, but didn’t look too bad.
Orlando artist first, Ana Jones, was across from Crazy Greek restaurant, She had such whimsical paintings — her web-link is   Ana’s Jazzy Art  –
there was one young girl selling art to try and make money for college, missed her name was going to head back when I left, wanted to get her card and the glass maker next to her on way back to my car as they had people talking to them, rule is, never interrupt the potential paying customers!
One of the first artists that caught my eye big time was Phil Curren,  his painting on lawn chairs was so much fun! Even his card was cool!  DSC06652ares
IMG_0044res  There were many jewelry makers along the path and saw my old friend, Steven Monser the glass maker, he’s so amazing, his glasswork is beautiful.    DSC06654a   Oy, I was melting the heat and humidity were so thick! Then stopped by Donald Grannan, his “Photographs in Motion” were all they said they were! He’s an architect and you can see how he incorporates everyday details into his work, we chatted a while and luckily he had a fan!    DSC06656ere
Don was fun to chat with and boy did he know his Beatles trivia! He has rigged his camera to take on the energy he sees, it was very beautiful work!

Sky grew  darker, can see signs of storm welling when I looked up. I hoped it would blow over as many of these were ‘newbies’, fresh artists on their first night. You always hope they get plenty of people out to buy from the locals.
DSC06681res  DSC06684a you can see how the sky was moving-
Newcomer nature photographer Randal Senus was full of youthful enthusiasm, keep up the good work!  DSC06664

While next door, Julie McDaniel had done her work on aluminum and really inspired me to try that too, it looked amazing!   DSC06661   The sky was growing impatient, it was a fairly long walk back to where my truck was parked so I began going in that direction. Vaughn Belak was next in line with very cool work, loved his Alice pics, catch him on Facebook to see his style  DSC06673

The next was AlexWorx –  he had painted furniture, remember, most of these people have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Onto Vintage island Designs which were adorable, Brenda DSC06668 had handpainted purses, pillows, jewelry.

Nick Seyler   at nix Abstract had lots of colorful motion and texture to his work  He was a firefighter and paramedic and has work around various places in Orlando as do many of the artists, Don Garran has also sold internationally as I’m sure some of the others have.  Sorry Nick, don’t have picture so hopefully people will visit your website! And last I saw the the Borges, Joanne and Tony, always a smile and welcome since we first exhibited side by side at Alive After 5 many moons ago! She and Tony have always been enthusiastic art promoters and they have a lot of talent between them! Joanne makes beautiful ceramic pieces, Tony is into wood working and together they have many years of laughter and love and art, a great combo!  DSC06678   DSC06679  After a hug and meeting their son and girlfriend, the wind began to howl and raindrops could be felt! I shoved my camera in my purse & stopped at Dragonmun Studios tent for shelter. Wind began grabbing the loose parts of the tent as she tried to get her stuff down.
We both held a tent leg as the wind almost pitched the tent and her artwork sailed out onto the wet grass, horrible sight!
I bolted for my truck and got soaked. Where I live just a couple miles away the sky over head was threatening when I arrived, but not raining, lightning was overhead, it actually looked rather clear to the west where the sun would set.  The clouds moved quickly  DSC06706ares by the breath of the hidden sun, the sky took on a yellowy hue,  the moon was out, but it was covered in clouds.  Still the sky grew into a pink, passionate  sunset.
DSC06741bres   DSC06744ares   AS an artist who no longer does outdoor shows, I can appreciate what these people do to set up and take down and know that the weather might not cooperate, DSC06474ares     So when you go visit these outdoors exhibits keep in mind the energy and love it takes to do and go thank an artist!

The day was a busy one too, went to grab a meal and the grim reaper was off by himself in a booth, I didn’t make eye contact  DSC06600gr-1dfinalres  But the details of the place made me take
notice of the place  DSC06605res   DSC06626ares  so look around and always be inspired…
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