Well here it is headed toward the middle of December, there is a black hole time bandit, I have no idea where the hours go!  All I know if I spend very few of them in slumber!
First I must mention and congratulate my neighbors, Kim and Steve who bring the Christmas spirit to a high with their  fancy, decorated golf cart. They took first place AGAIN in the Sanford Parade last night. Not only did their cart get recognition, so did the float they also worked  hours and hours of making an outstanding festive display of lights! Great job you two, can’t wait for our small neighborhood parade in a couple weeks!  082are  This picture can’t do it justice for all the detailing done to the cart, it’s fabulous!    110a_edited-3
Suddenly this week we added a new visitor, one that neighbors have never ever seen upon this lake. I was panning Turtle Island for all the turtles grabbing some rays and came across a gator, not a small gator, but one I would say that has to be at least 8 feet at the shorter guess. I was amazed as were my neighbors. I did call Fish and Game and ask if they relocate them, they said no, if someone makes a complaint, they “harvest’ the gator, kill it and use the skin. So far my neighbors have been really cool about leaving it alone. The Gator has plenty of food all around it, ducks, birds, fish, turtles and gars. As long as it minds its’ manners, I think the neighbors are cool with it hanging out. I find it fascinating to have a resident gator.
The other cool thing was that  the heron came flying up into my tree near the old nest, it’s time for them to get ready and select a mate. The heron then flew back to my neighbors pine where there is also a nest. So we will see within a few weeks of where the locals will be building or refurbishing. I won’t clog up the blog with a lot of words, I’ll let you feast your eyes on what I am privy to! And please, if you have a chance, I have work in downtown Sanford at The Twisted Vine on First Street  102     097  Also, check me out for the month of December at Rhapsodic Cooperative Bakery, 710 Mills Ave in Orlando, a bakery with lots of gluten free goodies!  089a_edited-2re   sorry about the blurred view, you have to go there and grab some muffins or cupcakes or something sweet to make your day!      gator1aare long gator!  043a_edited-1   059are   140aa_edited-1bre   On a sad note, our local neighborhood has been hit with a bad fungus affection all our citrus, the lemons and oranges, tangerines are all staying small and rotting as the branches die. It is not treatable from what I have heard so far. A very sad state as most of us so enjoy the fresh oranges and other fruit! My lemons are doing well, my grapefruit tree has lost half the branches on one side.

scaup-1rescaup ducks   031a_edited-re1      298res    275re

085are  hey that doesn’t look like one of my cats on the table.    114ares   141a
Happy Hanukah! chanukah010btext_edited-2