We are almost out of Hurricane Season, one more month of wondering if something tropical and wet could ram Florida. So far once again we have been lucky –even the latest, Sandy has moved up the coast away from us, but not before giving us some good rain and even rainbows.

Thursday it came in spurts of a few rain bands, just some blowing wind and light rains not lasting too long. I spoke with relatives in Jupiter area and they said the waves were about 10 feet high and the beach erosion was terrible, lots of pounding  for them. It was supposed to be messy for us too.  On Friday they predicted electric outages, big rains, lots of wind.  I went by the marina at noon Friday and though the water was wavy, it was not too crazy , maybe 2/3 foot waves of tea colored water. The ducks were sitting onshore, even the osprey weren’t fighting the wind, they seemed to be sitting tight on their posts as the winds seemed to whip around.

    That sailboat must have gotten pushed by the wind –    The new Riverboat Romance was docked in the protection of the inner marina. It’s supposed to set sail on it’s maiden voyage the 31st of October. It’s an old boat, had a fair amount of rust, looked like it could use a good pressure washing. It’s not as large as I imagined, but maybe I’ll try it one day.
The waves were rather exciting. We wondered how bad it would get, the imagination fueled the energy around us, afterall they had nicknamed that storm, Frankenstorm. It seems the path as it was heading now, by the time it reached Virginia or New Jersey, the conditions in the atmosphere were enough that it might be a ‘perfect storm’ scenerio! They could even have a hurricane with snow coming from a cold front and mingling forces by next week.


Friday afternoon passed with no rain. Since Friday night was the Sanford Art Walk I debated about going wondering if ‘Sandy’ was going to give us a pounding. Plus I could feel a cold coming on and didn’t know if I wanted to get cold and wet. All afternoon I worked on pictures for a ‘fairy’ book, had fun with my granddaughters giving them wings and animals to make pics exciting.

The evening suddenly changed around 6pm, as I headed out. I called a friend who earlier had wondered if I could give her a ride and headed to pick her up. The sky to the west was sunshining as I left, but to the east dark clouds began to head over the street. . As I stopped by the railroad tracks as a  ‘shelf cloud ‘ came calling.

At the intersection I looked up and saw a faint rainbow – (hope it can be seen on this page.) It faded very quickly and I knew I was driving into a storm ahead. I picked up my friend and fellow artist, Marjorie and we drove down block after block into a heady storm. The wind was suddenly whipping over us, the rain blasting the truck as if bolted to a car wash track and being put through the washing and rinse cycle. We decided to drive around the marina since there was no way we even wanted to get out of the truck. As we approached Lake Monroe, a rainbow’s remnants was stabbing into the water. Rain and clouds quickly robbed us of that vision, but what was so energizing was the bashing waters and the fact that it looked like a high tide where the water could come over the sea wall and snatch us! The water had risen several feet higher than what I had experienced at noon so we continued to drive slowly watching as waves smashed against the seawall and froth burst up from the swells. I tried taking pics, but the wipers and rain made it a bit of a challenge.
The sky  doused the vehicle with heavy water as we made our way up Palmetto Ave. and wondered if we could even get out of the truck it was pouring so hard – and of course, there was no parking where we wanted to go. But we parked and as if perfect timing, the rain stopped! The wind continued and pushed us around down the street a bit, but we enjoyed the 2 hours we spent looking at the galleries. I enjoyed meeting Carolina Cleere and her very imaginative art at Jeanine Taylor’s Gallery on First. It’s very symbolic art using photography and mixed media and kids are her subject, sometimes in a dark way, but still fascinating and most of the work is beautifully colored/painted.
We continued to the other galleries, people were eating at the restaurants, the galleries were about empty. A reminder that tonight Twisted Vine will be having a costume contest!
Saw the Imperial Bar at Washburns, many people around our age inside. We walked through and I nabbed some pictures. So here’s the rest of what I took – have a great weekend and watch for that Frankenstorm if you’re in it’s path. Our part was just tropical, if it hits hurricane strength near land, it WILL be landing some big blows! Good luck up there!