October seems like one big event, day after day. Thursday was Alive After 5, it was busy – went there mainly to see Toelle Hovan’s exhibit at Art Affair Gallery. She has worked so hard and had an injury to her leg in which she had to keep still so she painted and painted as therapy and the result is exciting as you will see.   She has been an artist at Art Affair for a few years now and I have enjoyed her colorful brush strokes on paintings, tables, purses and more. The colors draw you right in.

On Saturday I popped over to Spirits In Sanford at Jeanine Taylors Folk Art Gallery. Each year they have a wonderful exhibit full of artists with their Halloween goodies – This year was probably the best ever, so many artistic endeavors with faces and shapes to remember! It was a true Halloween treat and the gallery will have many items available thru the month, go and be prepared to smile and open your mouth in awe! I have enjoyed Melissa Menzers work for years, her details are so well thought out. There were others who really drew my attention, Lenea Howe comes to mind with her toothy fish and her witches with their real teeth were head turners. There was a lot to take in and I missed a couple artists because their tables were busy and I forgot to go back. Be sure to visit before the end of the month! I guarantee you will have a hard time making any decisions about what to buy! OHHHH, want to add, it was so good seeing Kevin and Debbe Abbott are back! I got to speak with Kevin and tell ya he looks like he was in a time machine on vacation, “you look mah-valous” – (think of Billy Crystal saying it, not me.)
Sanford also has it’s yearly Biketoberfest and motorcycles were whizzing by left and right. There was a big production going on at Ft. Mellon Park, (the rumble of engines is still something I hear as I sit at my desk.)

After visiting the Gallery I was hungry and decided upon lunch. I had run into my artist friend, Marjorie earlier who I think of as an organic and natural type person who puts these same natural organics into her principles, art and body. She was leaving the Gallery as I was popping in and  headed to one of the local places that offered fresh veggies for a wrap or something good.  Not me, I ran to The Colonial Room, an old family type restaurant where no one cares about calorie count and saturated fat.  My vegetable soup had about 1000mg of salt with each tablespoon and my onion rings were doused in lots of used oil and fried just the way I like em. I would have been embarrassed for her to see me patting the oil off the rings – (and no Marjorie, I still haven’t taken the nap I talked about.)
I downed my food with a fountain Coke and probably have some clogs after all that! But as I tell people, if I’m going, I want to go fast, heart attack and get it over with! Why be healthy only to end up lingering in some nursing home for months and months at the mercy of hourly wage earners eating lousy food with no salt and fat? HAHA

At 7:00pm I stopped by the Lake Mary City Hall for their Jazz In The Park where I walked around the vendors, saw no one I knew. Listened to some “elevator jazz”, was fed pizza by a new restaurant, Tutto Bene at 601 Weldon Blvd near the college. They walked through the small crowd and vendors feeding everyone – it was very good pizza. I did  ignore the samples of Dunkin Donuts if you can believe it because for two days on Facebook I have been showing trays of awesome donuts at Donuts To Go on First Street in SAnford right next to hospital where I display my work. Anyway, I grew bored, there’s only so many times you can circle and circle the small park by City Hall and after twenty minutes grew bored and came back home.
So here I am, and you will see the incredible job they do at Jeanine Taylor’s Gallery – Mary K, my friend, you and Jeanine and whoever helped did an excellent job of making it work! Props to ya! – Thursday at Alive After 5 and Spirits in Sanford:



      Always a visit to the marina before I go home. I missed the sunset, but with weather so clear, they are a straight shot of sun drowning alone.

Gallery of First:



   Melissa Menzer  – http://www.jtfolkart.com/artist/melissa-menzer/            Melissa Menzer has been in the gallery for years and is a favorite of mine!