I can’t thank friends and family enough for coming out to our 3 artist reception at the University Of Winter Park! You all made it such a success! We are all so lucky to have had such a good crowd despite repeated weather warnings. Let me back up on that. By Friday we were hearing that former Tropical storm AKA Hurricane Issac AKA Tropical storm Issac which had struck new Orleans and made it’s way north and then looped around around into the gulf  again was going to give us big rains on Sunday. When I heard this I thought what a pain, first I wondered if people would come out despite the warnings and secondly I knew I had to repack everything in plastic trash bags so they would remain dry when carried about 200 feet from truck to the building. On Saturday the weather people who should be called, the “maybe weather reporters”, were telling us to prepare for big rains, alter your plans, keep tuned! So on Sunday morning as I was looking out and seeing dark sky with a light rain over the lake and my outlook was downbeat. It was going to go downhill.

My son and I packed the trip for the 1/2 hour journey down the road  .     The sky looked threatening, a light rain fell as we drove along, but hardly a drop fell upon us as Adam and I unloaded. And it was wonderful of Nita who does so much for helping the artists at the University Club to be there even a bit early so we could get in before the storm.

When the two other artists all arrived, we spoke of the weather, would we have a good turn out? They announced Saturday the closing of Sunday’s Farmers Market downtown due to the rain. So as we prepped food, drinks and art tables,  we crossed our fingers.      

Even after the opening, it was fairly quiet.  GK Sharman, my friend and photographer was one of the first guests to arrive, that made me smile and it was so good to see her! Slowly  more and more people arrived, even my granddaughters and children came in and the weather became a non-issue, no rain came, just a few clouds. It was great to see the place expand with inquisitive faces eager to see what we had done.

Our three styles worked well blending harmoniously. Linda Amundsen, oil painter is a member of several art groups in the area and has won many award for her oils.  http://www.lindaamundsen.com    She has a following of collectors and had invited many to the reception. It was actually Linda who gave up her slot at U-Club for a single show to let Jennifer and I join her, quite generous I would say.

I had not met Jennifer before, but Linda suggested I look up her work and I will tell you I was quite impressed. Her pen and inks are so delicate and beautifully woven together. She calls herself a ‘visionary illusionist’ and that is correct, she has quite a trained eye. Jennifer has won numerous awards in her 30+ year art career. www.art-exchange.com  She too is an international selling artist.

And then comes me, the digital art manipulator photographer, known around Sanford, I have shown in many local places, but have no awards, no following unless you count Facebook, chuckle chuckle. I have been juried into shows, and still,. my wacky style seemed to balance with theirs.  I can say without hesitation, if the walls could talk, they would say, “good job”!  I am really excited about how it came together and it will be on display until September 26th.  If you are wanting to see it, call the University Club and ask. They are one busy place!  http://www.universityclubwinterpark.org/   And as always, our hostesses, Daphne and Nita are more than enthusiastic long time members and volunteers, they are art supporters and always do it with a lot of charm.

Have a look —        This is just a preview of the 45 pieces in the show.

This is where it gets mushy and I feel if you have good things to say to people, tell them while you’re still alive! So here it is: These are notes to those who attended and I’ll start with family, thank you for always being there for your Mom, that includes Lee and Heather. My sweet niece Stacy always comes to give her support and it is always wonderful to see her and this time Kylie came with her, the cousins enjoy seeing each other.    

   and to my special help, Adam,     who gives me all his attention to details at my exhibits. He has hung art, made platters, set up my set ups and is always there to help take it all down, Adam, I so appreciate all you do to help your Mom, thank you for the hours you have taken away from ‘doing your thing’. All my artist friends who know you think so much of what a wonderful man you are!
I can’t thank you enough for all the hours you have lugged around helping! I am so very lucky to have such fine and dedicated kids!  And ALexis and Luis, it’s always fun when you join in, I’m so so happy you came over afterwards so we could share your company – love this extended family!

Judy Segall, thank you for being my gateway into the art world and my first mentor who gave me 100% encouragement — without meeting you and the members of Womens Caucus for Art Central Florida, I would probably not be exhibiting and all my work would be sitting on the desktop and I’d be saying, what do I do now? But you alone have been responsible for me meeting others in many medias who I have become friends with –you gave me the support to do exhibits, though when I look back, I see the difference in work and I attribute that to you and how you look at life and art and  growth – you came into my life at at perfect time and I will always be grateful for your help!
Bobbo and Lindy, you two push me on and make me feel so good about my work, thanks so much for all your kind words and even criticism. Thanks Bobbo for loving that hawk photo,  that majestic bird gave me a look of ‘blue steel’ and I did my best with it –   I will get it printed and to you this week. Lindy thanks for including me in your art venue and promoting my cranes! You are so loving and sweet and always a smile on that welcoming face. Plus you and Bobbo do many acts of goodness for others besides yourself, you both have really done so much for the local animal groups and it is noticed and appreciated! I thank you and the animals do too!
All Adam’s friends, I can’t tell you how it makes me feel to see your fresh, shiny faces at my venues, thank you thank you for taking the time to come when I have events, it means a lot!!!
Leslie, you have been there for me many times, I appreciate your taking time out from writing your books and coming. (And here’s a plug for her latest poetry book):  http://www.amazon.com/Rub-Scrub-Clean-Tub-Self-Image/dp/1478254750/ref=la_B001H9PJT0_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347304032&sr=1-1   this is a poetry book for children in collaboration with Oral, her very wonderful friend and fellow poet) – Oral, I am always happy to see the both of you come out to my exhibits and be so supportive of my work. And thank you for the purchase of my angel, that photo has a lot of meaning!
Gk, Rae Marie, Alfredo, Nancy, Leon and Tom – (my Sanford-Lake Mary ‘homies’ — it meant more than you can imagine having you come out! I feel so lucky  to look over and see your faces, it makes me feel wonderful to have your support, I mean you didn’t come to just eat did you, (haha)  But you make my heart feel good! Rae Marie, your words to me were so powerful, more powerful than you can imagine! You know how I love supporting our local artists, so having you and Alfredo come and meet all my family and give me your support is just more happiness in my life. Thank you my Sanford artists for your continuing support!
Bev, you really push me on with your comments, you have been a wonderful friend and neighbor, I so admire your exuberance and always sharing the beauty of our cranes and wildlife right on our street or on our lakes, thanks for affording me the views from your property, you have been very generous! Thanks for being there for me! It give me great joy to see you there at my venues.
Mary Elizabeth, thanks for being such a huge supporter of the arts, it’s always good to see you at many events over the years. And now with your photos, I suspect we will get to see one of your own exhibits soon.
Mindy, thanks for coming and being there, it’s nice having people share with us.
Harriet and Mila, I am so happy to have met you both and appreciate greatly that you came to attend. Harriet we must chat more and continue our interesting conversation. Mila, your husband Russ has been writing his beautiful words many times when I post something, it usually seems to flow with my art, this is where Facebook is plus in a gathering of people coming together and putting their ideas and talents together. One day Russ we will collaborate on a book together. Thank you for making me feel my work has some value to others who are inspired by nature, that’s a main reason I do digital art, to show people either straight up nature, or a slant on it. I hope people will look at my work and think of the environment and it’s importance, you make me feel like the message is getting out.
It turned out into a nice love fest, strangers asked me so many questions, I sold some art as did Jennifer and Linda. Linda’s husband was a terrific bartender and Jennifer’s husband was wonderful in taking pictures which I totally forget many times even though my camera hung around my neck, If only I had taken more!
Thanks to both husbands for their help from start to finish, your help was genuinely appreciated!
And it ended with sunshine flooding through the windows, not a drop of rain, no clouds, maybe it was the joy of the moment when all the happiness in the room floated out and melted through the clouds. Thank you all for making it a successful day – I am feeling positive by those vibes in the room – I can say no more, (plus I need to get working on my October Maitland Library Exhibit – shameless plug) – Love you all, thanks for having my back! HUGS HUGS HUGS! And here’s just a few pics along with 4 pieces of my work – Thank you!