It was a very happy grand opening at SpayNSave! This opening was a mission that took a while to get to, a few years of planning and raising funds. But now the 501(c)3 non-profit organization is operational and applying their professiona; skills to reduce the pet population by offering low cost spay and neutering for both cats and dogs. They have been opened a month and have fixed 400 animals! Think how many offspring they have prevented! I think they should put a “guestimate” after a figure like that!
SpayNSave is open 4 days a week and welcomes both your pets and feral animals if you are feeding strays. They are located at 988 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd in Longwood, Fl. Phone number, 407-920-4894

This group of dedicated animal lovers and rescuers have 20 years worth of rescue experience and with that  they saw the need for such a clinic where people could have affordable sterilization. Animal shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with animals to be adopted. Many people are foster parents till ‘forever homes’ come along and they all know the need for sterilization is a must. That’s why SpayNSave needed to fill a niche.

Phyllis Ayoob, President of SpayNSave is one of those caring people who also runs, Cats-Can Inc. A cat adoption in Oviedo, Fl. She unselfishly gives much of herself in an effort to save the quality of lives of animals. (  The staff is dedicated to making these services pleasant for you and your pet. Right now it costs $50 for owned cats, $40 for strays, dogs have separate prices depending on sex and weight. The price includes Rabies and Distemper vaccine and pain medication for before and after surgery. They will also be offering more low cost vaccines for yearly immunization in the future.
And while the staff is excited and dedicated to their mission, they can use your services as volunteers! Help if you can, make donations to this worthy organization. If you go on their site, they do have a list of needs, please do what you can to help these people with their big hearts and limited resources – show them we are a generous community supporting such a worthy organization. Here’s a look at the new building.


  can hardly resist this adoptable faces. Call if you are interested in one of those beautiful kittens 407-349-5255.

Tonight was the first Saturday of the month, so the food trucks were in Sanford, I made my son go as I needed a camera assistant to help carry my camera bag . We did stop at one truck offering flatbread with herbs, veggies and cheeses, it was mediocre at best. Will try something else next time.
I brought both my DSLR and point and shoot and that gorgeous pink moon rose again out of the water, rosy and huge and bright. I had my monopod to balance on, but it swayed and I got crappy crappy shots, it was so disappointing. My weakness is this night shooting for sure. I also need a cable attachment so there is no more camera shake when I press the buttons. I am betting tomorrow night will also be a winner;

    Have a great holiday weekend – enjoy your friends and family and be good to the planet –