You know I am a moon-slave, I adore our satellite, so what better excuse to go look at the moon then knowing it was a Blue Moon! Explaining it was something better left to copying and pasting so here ya go:
“In 1946, “Sky and Telescope” magazine traced the term to the “Maine Farmer’s Almanac,” where it apparently referred to the third full moon in a season that contains four full moons instead of the usual three.”
All day the sky has been bountiful, so many ways to read the clouds. Some had long stalks and trails, some looked curdled, some looked happy and bouncy, it was nothing to pop in and out off and on during the day to enjoy the movement of air and water vapors. I will show you lots of views of the sky in central Florida. Our sky is full of excitement and we were also lucky to have escaped what Hurricane Issac did to  New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Though south east Florida had a lot of flooding too, but not on the same level as parts of New Orleans again.

When I looked at the clock tonight, it was 7:15pm, I knew I should run to the marina and see how the sunset was and get the view of the moon rising over the water. The breeze was wonderfully generous, the temperature in the mid eighties, perfect night viewing. I drove down First Street and the restaurants were fully packed. Traffic went so slow I missed the sunset! The sun was lost inside a low hanging cloud.
I walked around and snapped just a few shots passing joggers and walkers and lovers. I was in my element scrutinizing everything that passed through the cornea, back to the old optic nerve processing and messaging. Scanning for the tip of a gators head, a wave of a manatee fin, anything that seems amiss, something out of the normal.

As I veered away from the west where the sun was being deflated, I looked to the east and through the boat masts was the faint outline of the blue moon swathed completely in pink. I walked faster to my car to drive back toward the eastern side of the walkway where I could watch that moon rise up over the land.
the moon was huge and had a sense of urgency, the pink ball was rising higher and higher and the color was fading into orange and then into it’s off white. This orb was bigger than I have seen in months and months, maybe since a year ago and a harvest moon. Were people even noticing? I wanted to grab a megaphone and tell people to look at this gorgeous display of nature!
The gravity was heavy upon me, I stayed in one place watching the beauty of it all. This was spectacular, my legs rooted next to a palm tree which graciously let me lean into it as I snapped away. I was hoping my kids were somewhere looking up, especially my little Iyla who shares my love of the moon. I then drove home to watch the moon take place over my little lake. the clouds even cut into it at times. It had ascended high into the sky and the mosquitoes were draining me quickly so I went in.  So here’s a page of clouds and the blue moon. The beauty that surrounds us is something we can’t take for granted, all our days are numbered, we don’t know how long we have, go out and breathe, take in the sights — make sure along the way you find happiness and love and peace, there’s nothing better then having those internal luxuries!