It’s been about a week since the weather forecasters have harped on  tropical storm “Issac”. They thought it would ram into Tampa, then it moved toward the west, and further west. Issac killed two people in Haiti as a tropical storm.  Now they say it’s going to be very far reaching and going to become a hurricane on Sunday and bring us lots of rain. Key West is going to get about a foot of rain as Issac passes over it.
It’s supposed to slam into Pensacola as a category 2. Sometimes you just want to shout back and say, “OK OK we get your urgency, shut up already!”  Did I prepare? Yes, got some gas in the car on Wednesday, bought candy, soup, crackers, the regular staples. I’m hoping it’s not going to be this huge blow out that they keep threatening us with. It seems central Florida will be spared the brunt. I really don’t want to pull out the generator, I’m ignoring the forecasters now, go away weather on the ones, go away Issac, shut the Hell up,  I’m already exhausted from the constant reminder.

Last night I joined others out on the town for the Artwalk in Sanford. The first place I ventured to was the Historic Sanford Welcome Center, it looked great — the best I’ve seen it in a couple years! They now have tracks on the walls for the art, the colors they painted were pleasing and they had the wine sampling like the old days. The fiber exhibit this month was first class! Congrats to the team over there, props up!!!  The art was fab! Go have a look, it will be hanging for a month.
Saw Fern Matthews and her handsome son, Ryan. Fern had 2 great pieces entered. Tom Abbott had several too, saw him lurking around, always enjoy  seeing Tom and Leon!
Etta Jean and her Husband Frank Judge were there, I knew she was a talented photographer, but now I know she is an excellent, collage/fiber artist!
The winner of best in show was completely taken by surprised, Janice Kutz won it and it was well deserved.
GK Sharman happened to be there like me, looking around  so we ran to Art Affair to see all the work that Ivaldo had up. His mixed media paintings are so energetic and full of life. I was so happy to see so much new work on the walls. As usual Ronda is busy making changes and doing new things with new artists. They have completed the White Cup conversion and coffee is being sold now along with wine and beer and food!

Ivaldo has been in the gallery for a couple years I think, and he’s a very nice and warm man, can read that he’s full of a passion for life and painting, it  shows! There was new work and I will show the photos below.

Sweet Alfredo and Rae Marie look like newlyweds, Alfredo on his raw diet has gotten the effects he has wanted and even participated in a biking, swimming, running event at Moss park where he took first place for his age group. He was ecstatic! He was beaming louder than sunlight! He’s a changed man since losing so much weight and now participating in sports he had given up due to arthritis. We are all so happy for him. Rae Marie is always a dazzler anyway, she looked beautiful in her dress and pearls at her Framing 508 Gallery! I felt the love inside that place!
The Willowtree was packed to the gills with every table occupied and lines of waiting.. Jeanine Taylor’s Gallery on First next door was busy too, she has been in business now 15 years! What a successful place it is. She was beaming as she offered us punch. Mary K. Shaw looked so cute in her wig and hat, she is such a big part of the gallery as Jeanine’s right hand! Everyone loves Mary K and her optimism, plus she is a talented talented artist! Look forward to their October exhibits, they are amazing!
The Breezeway was getting fuller, everyone lately has gushed about what great food they have. Might have to give it a try soon –
Back over the the Hyder’s Gallery and Sharon was there to greet me and give me one of her warm hugs. She is so excited about the gallery and the success she is having with lessons and her arty wine and art parties where you come in, don’t have to worry about having skills or having supplies, all is there for you. You drink some wine, relax and let your inner artist out! Plus you get art instruction from a certified and inspirational art coach. They also have coupons for a discount when registering 2 people. This happens the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, hurry one will be here soon, call 407-878-7646.
And that was it for me, I decided to get going home. I am preparing for an upcoming exhibit with 2 very well known local artists. Linda Amundsen and Jennifer Myers Kirton who are quite accomplished in their media, both international selling artists. The furthest I have ever sold was to a person in South Carolina.
Linda does beautiful oil painting while Jennifer does pen and ink drawings that are so intricately loaded with detail, you wonder how she has not gone googly eyed. They are both so talented and I feel honored to be part of the team. Come see our work at the University Club of Winter Park! So inbetween a hurricane bearing down on us later today, finishing hanging my pieces and working on getting art for my next to exhibits, the days blur and I don’t have time for a hurricane!
Here’s this month’s photos – will let you know if I blow away, of course I’ll blog about it!