“Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset.
Swiftly go the days.
Sunrise, sunset.
You wake up, then you undress.
It always is the same.
The sunrise and the sunsets.
You are lying while you confess, keep trying to explain.
The sunrise and the sunsets
You realize then you forget what you’ve been trying to retain.
But everybody knows that it is all about the things
That get stuck inside of your head…”
That song from Fiddler On The Roof seems that way sometimes, caught up in sunrise and sunsets while the hours in between seem to melt and merge into life’s memories and one day you wake and think, how did I get so old???
Tonight was the opening ceremonies with the Olympics in London. Loved seeing the happiness and excitement. The pagentry, the queen and Sir Paul McCartney. If only the world always co-existed in such a symphony of peace and togetherness. But it’s still a wonderful sight and you can’t help but be moved.  Rock on Paul and the USA Olympians! We are proud! The Queen chose a good color, very flattering, monarchy peach. I want her job when I come back next time around…
Info fact, Seminole High’s Ken Bauman is at the Olympics coaching men’s field and track, how about that! WoW, we have representation from Sanford in London!
Before watching the Olympics I went to the artwalk. It was not too busy, but still ran into new artists/ photographers and my peeps. First I was over at Hyder Fine Art Gallery and met photographer and novel writer, Jess Harris. He was more than gracious and we had a good talk about photography and writing- 
Sharon Hyder had some interesting pieces up also

   And then on to Welcome Center. I ran into my wonderful and generous neighbor Bev who is a gem and I always enjoy seeing her. We got to catch up on our neighborhood crane family and chat about the Student Museum. It’s always good to see people from the neighborhood enjoying the Art Walk. Next I glanced over and there was Steve and Lauren running around greeting guests and answering questions as they tallied the votes for best art this month. I smiled when seeing Leon and Tom, I always run into them and we tease each other like crazy!  Tom had no entry at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center, but we saw some very interesting pieces on display and I met artist glass-maker, Kirwin    http://www.agentsofexpression.com  – he had two glass pieces that were well put together,  here’s the artist Kirwin and his work

     Lauren Williams pieces turned heads and had people taking, the head was sold to someone I know and they are so happy to have purchased the piece, Congrats to the buyer! Good choice!   There were other nice works,    And Trish Thompson was sweet enough to invite me to come to the Princess Theatre at 8pm to see the performances of the Celery Soup Troupe doing ‘Moon Over Buffalo’, it’s there for the weekend and I was so happy she asked, but was afraid I would be end up chatting and be too late, which of course I was. I apologize to Trish and make a note that I will get to the theater to add to my blog, I know Trish works so hard on getting the theater group, Celery Soup Productions together, she’s a vital part of the Sanford community and we appreciate her efforts.
Outside I saw my friend and Artist Marjorie who had just come back from Washington DC and had a fabulous time wasting not a minute seeing everything she could see. I told her we had to go to CityArts and see The Red Chair Project, Tom does have a piece over there,  so next week we will venture over.
Then on to Jeanine Taylor’s where we saw the ever beautiful and amazing Aurore who told me she is painting like a maniac which is a great sign that we will be seeing a show and if it is anything like her last one, it will be no less than incredible! I met Marjorie’s friend and Gallery on First artist    
Anne Marie Colwell had quite an array of awesome work.  Jeanine was busy, the Gallery was hopping with people. We all miss Debe and Kevin, they have been out communing with nature a long time now.  Next to Art Affair, which had body painting tonight and a singer.
The place was slammed! I saw Dlynn and husband, she had very cool clocks besides her jewelry and candles.    She’s always thinking of new things to do and improve!
She was outside the gallery taking in the massive application of late sunlight. It was so very hot, but Dlynn looked completely composed under the sun.  Even Jim looked like he had hardly broken a sweat. Next to her was Bonnie who was painting. Nabbed a pic of her –
She too was not looking touched by the heat. On the inside it was very busy, Ronda was hectic at the bar, there was singing, and body painters and a legitimate photographer with much more intense equipment than mine. Ran into Fern and her husband Mark, it had been a while, loved talking with you, now go busy yourself and make art, Fern is just an incredible talent!  Hello JT, poor JT, I run him around and make him crazy with suggestions.
I left at 8:19 and didn’t get to see the full spectrum of how the models all turned out completely painted. Have  a look at the photos and I will confuse the body painter’s names, but let’s give it a shot:

      The ballet girl I don’t remember who was working on her, but the cards I have of people who body paint were from Shannon Holt and Christine Bryant, you can contact them through the gallery. I missed getting a card from the artist dressed in black up front near the window, sorry! 

And then it was marina time, the sky was brimming with pretty clouds all peachy and shades of blues and grays. I ran to the marina clutching my  coca cola and camera, stopping to snap clouds along the way and the sun was just about down,  but the moon was up – hurry Abbe hurry. So here’s to nature and a full night for Friday, have a great weekend, catch ya next week – cheerio!



and so it’s like that, sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, aw, it really isn’t quite always the same;