Whew, I glanced at my temperature reading on my rear view mirror -97degrees!  HOT HOT HOT as it always is this time of year – we sweat continuously for four months – the step into my truck was a foot into Hell — I
pity anyone without air conditioning! You can hardly draw a breath without breathing in the heat!  And I think about the critters being walked across hot pavement – take off your shoes and walk barefoot about 5 steps on asphalt, your feet are scorched! Make sure to be careful when walking your dogs that their little feet aren’t burning on that hot pavement and take potable water to cool them down every fifteen minutes or so when outside, keep your critters safe and hydrated.

So what to do during these dog days? Well for one, you can volunteer and if you live here in Sanford. Think about going over to the Student Museum at 301 W. 7th Street.  UCF has taken over the lease and for the next couple years is hoping to rebuild the museum as a precious commodity: history.  I went today and will be charting the progress. I saw an old school being nurtured and coaxed back into existence as a museum that  displays our local and national history within those walls.  The classrooms will be filled with interesting artifacts. There is one room set up with Indian displays including an old hollowed out canoe and a hut you can walk into. The wall murals are wonderful windows into the past! There will be rooms with science oriented themes, one room is all memorabilia from The Crooms school and the surrounding community and much more to explore — it all makes for an interesting mix. They hope to encourage having a building that can host venues and to continue bringing the 4th graders on their yearly tour. There are teaching gardens, herbs, butterfly, an array of plants and bushes that are kept up by the Seminole County Extension Office – the school is a wealth of info and should be something that people from anywhere will appreciate. I can picture art venues and maybe cooking classes,  there are many many possibilities.  I met Rose with UCF and she is so looking forward to having this all finished by the first day of school which here in our county is August 13th. They could use some extra hands if you have a few hours here and there to help out ASAP, please email Ashley Witt at     Ashley.Wilt@ucf.edu
I finished taking photos, but can only post a couple here and reserve the full disclosure on a blog about the bell ringing ceremony August 13.  

I drove a few blocks downtown and went into Maya’s Bookstore to catch some the cool relief.  Yvette, the owner was busy with customers as I wandered around and had fun looking through albums. It always makes one smile to see “LP” art!  I really am sad that albums are a lost art.  Today’s music videos can be very creative, but somehow it just doesn’t compare to waiting for the new LP’s to show on the shelves, that and Mad Magazine, both were media that we thrived upon back then.   I enjoyed a little cerebral venture down memory lane — scroll down and have a look. It takes old hippies like myself into that turbulent and creative era of  “psychedelia”  during the 60’s and 70’s zone – thank you Yvette for a cool wind of the past fanning my head and making me smile in reverse.

I must mention running into Jeanine Taylor Gallery and chatting with Mary K about the cool new pieces over there. Also chatted with Lauren at the Historic Welcome Center and saw exciting work from the month’s challenge with local artists.
Then on to see Ronda at Art Affair Gallery and found out that White Cup Coffeehouse will be moving in to share space at Art Affair along with Wayne’s World Class Instrument’s which will be displayed inside the room behind the Art Affair bar. This will take place as soon as they get the painting finished. Now if you didn’t know this, they say White Cup Coffeehouse has some of the best coffee around! When they open it will serve from  7:30am till 10pm. That’s just like Ronda, change it up and make it exciting!  Sanford is movin’ and groovin’ — changin’ it up and makin’ for an interesting blend of culture – come see us! There are many wonderful eateries and bars, from belly dancing to rockin’ with country, pop and even a biker bar, Sanford offers a big variety in a compact space.
Tomorrow is the 4th Friday Art Walk, come up at 6pm and have a look for yourself. Body painting going on at Art Affair Friday night, each gallery has something to offer, all have classes if you are interested in learning to paint and draw. Many have artists in attendance. Come on, enjoy the dog days with color and excitement. The albums featured here come from Maya’s Bookstore next to The Willowtree, very well known German restaurant – come here and ENJOY! Thanks again Yvette for letting me ‘veg’ in her album ‘cave room!
The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy, ( and that of the electric companies).  ” Henry Ward Beecher with Abbe’s bold thought…