Thought I’d take some black and white shots at the marina. The clouds were good and I snapped a few pics. I decided to go home thru town and came to intersection of Second and Park Ave. I noticed that the beauty salon was gone and a new antique store had taken it’s space. “A Little Shop of Treasures” made me pull a U turn and park in the shady lot in front of the store.
Inside I was greeted by Christine, one of the owners.  She immediately was asking if I was looking for anything specific and was glad to help me in anyway. I told her my intent was to put pictures of this shop on my blog to show others who might not know they were there. She was more than happy to let me snap away at items to show you.
As I was taking photos,  several people stopped in as curious as I was.
They offer sellers a 50/50 split for people who want to sell on consignment. They have a variety of merchandise, from jewelry and art, furniture, cookie jars, lamps, mirrors, porcelain, glass, to wonderful greeting cards and many things in between. Prices are reasonable and you’ll enjoy the many items to browse through.
The other owner walked in and I recognized him, Barry used to have an antique store near the Wayne Densch Theater a couple years ago. I remember the calico cat sleeping at the base of a X-mas tree on an antique table. He was looking for a home for it – he did find one. The other time I was in there was just before he was closing and
had a big sale. As we wandered through my son noticed a cool old typewriter. We were chatting about it and Barry walked over to us and asked my son if he really liked it, which he did. Barry gave it to him, told him to take it and enjoy it telling us he had a lot of stuff he had to box up and was glad to have one less thing to deal with. Adam was so happy, we could not thank Barry enough. How funny that 6 degrees of separation works! It must be the magic magnet of Sanford which seems to keep bringing back people to enjoy the business community. It says a lot about our little town. So I’m telling you, if you are downtown enjoying the sights, walk up Park Ave one black, (about a minute or two of walking and there’s A Little Shop of Treasures, right there at the next stop sign at 2nd Street. They close on Sundays and Mondays, but Tuesday thru Saturday they are there from 10am to 5pm – make it part of your visit. You’ll enjoy the great taste the owners have.

and here was the cat that Barry had on the table at his last store –  So happy they found her a home – for some reason I kept her photo, but you must know I am a cat person by now. So enjoy a visit to our convenient city and see the sights, so many restaurants to explore too, it just gets better and better!