Okay, after reading studies on insomniacs, I already knew my life was shortened – now they have come out with a study suggesting that people who sit more than 3 hours a day are shaving 2 years off their lives. So that means it could be days or hours or minutes until my life is eradicated – I’m already a junk food junkie, (she says while eye-ing the jumbo Mr. Goodbar that sits within inches of her right hand grasp.)  Good God, that’s a triple whammy — sitting, crap eating and insomnia, I am so doomed – the sitting is just as bad as smoking they say. I heard they make stand up desks, I might need a convertible desk that does both, if only I could pay someone to exercise this shell and leave my head on my desk.

So I’m sitting here anticipating writing and patching this blog together and I know I’ll be here at least 3 hours, it’s crazy! I’ll be here til almost 3am, and maybe I’ll go to bed at 3am and get up at 8am, me getting 5 hours of sleep is like 8 hours for many people, so go to Hell Mr. Death, I’m just too damn busy, someone has to showcase our local artists so lets make a pact and spare me – I’ve got places to go, people to meet and you can substitute me for about any politician, they aren’t worth anything!

We begin with Thursday morning, the clouds began ganging up across the lake from the east around 10am. I was surprised to find 5 young teenage cranes forging at my bird feeders. These are the sub-adults who have been cast off by their parents and form these groups till they pair off and find a territory. I went out to take pictures and found they weren’t shy at all, in fact a couple were very aggressive in getting within  inches of me – they were very used to humans. I have included pics.

Then my regular crane family came about an hour later and the baby has gotten quite leggy and is very shy of human contact. It used to be when they lived right off my property, the babies were very acclimated to seeing humans. I was out taking their pictures every day. Now that they nest away from my property and don’t come as frequently, the babies are in a normal state of instinct and hide from view when they see something that doesn’t sit right with them. I have to try and hide so this new little one doesn’t run too far.

I knew I had 3 venues I wanted to try and make so I had to pace myself. Got on the road to the hospital by 6pm and here are some of the artwork hung at The Healing Wall at Florida Hospital Altamonte Springs.  The topic was ‘Home Sweet Home’, my piece is of Iyla bathing in the sink. Ran into Nancy Chenet and she is doing outdoors shows now. I enjoyed our chat. There was a good turn out of invited guests. They food was a wonderful medley of things like pear and brie in a coissant, chicken marsala, turkey slices with cornbread and cranberry, and best of all, lost so bite sized desserts. I can’t say enough for how they spoil us.
One hallway has the art of Circle Christian School children who did a wonderful job adding excitement to the exhibit.  Thanks again Florida Hospital for giving us artists a generous reception and wall space and lots of encouragement. They always make us feel so welcomed and appreciated – every reception is better than the last!

On I went to Steinway Galleries  – the sky looked like it was festering, it seemed like a tornado was about to spawn, I surely expected to see a flash flood raining down, but nothing happened. When I arrived,  Karen Carasik was  joining  forces with Sally Shishler and Mary J. Gary  for their reception. Karen is a very expressive painter always growing and unafraid of changing it up.  She was speaking as I walked in about the piano she decorated for a raffle for Steinway, it was all done with sheet music.  Kathy and Gary Grimes owners of Steinway Gallery welcome artists once a month. They generously give a good reception with live music and tonight they had a raffle for some art books.  Kathy and Gary participate generously with the community in helping needy children who have talent. but not much money in providing the children with lessons and even a piano through the Steinway Society of Central Florida – their link:  http://www.steinwayorlando.com/society/index.html
All I can say is thank you Grimes for showing the community that you care. They still had 2 other pianos that were also decorated for auctioning, pics included below.  Karen was also speaking of how important it is to show our young children art at an early age to inspire and encourage them to expand their scope of thinking, it tied into what the Hospital does for the youthful artists they work with.  It was great seeing Karen and her art,  catch her at www.karencarasik.com – she also has a booth at Adjectives Market down the road on 436 a few blocks from Steinway – We truly have a great art community in central Florida!

And then at 7:30pm I hopped onto I-4 and headed up to State Road 46 to capture a bit of the Alive After 5 momentum. The sky all around was wondrous, the clouds so dense, all shapes and colors, what a great sky watching day it had been! The rain too had held off from everywhere I had ventured, the temperatures even pleasant.
I was passing the back entrance of the Hospital in Sanford, they have a pond and a fountain and I glanced over and saw two swans – Swans? I found the first right I could turn and then headed back to take a look, upon closer inspection, they were styrofoam, well they fooled me! Back in the car again past the marina and onto First Street which was ‘blowin up with people out in the streets for Alive After 5. It looked like a huge turn out! I immediately went to my home gallery,  Art Affair as they were having body painting tonight by Tabitha Sclafani and Emma and Alicia of Painted Member shot. They also had the center room in the gallery to show off the photography of Emma and Alicia, and I noted a card on the wall called Eye Candy so I hope I have all their info, http://www.paintedmembershot.com    – the body art was so cool as the models strutted around. My friend and artist, Al Fontana greeted me with a hug and new hair cut, it looked great Al and your music was spot on along with Nicky’s singing!
Saw my buds Tom and Leon, I almost fell over poor Tom. Leon, The Lake Mary Food Critic, is now blogger for Seminole Magazine, here’s his article on the food trucks – http://seminolemagazine.com/2012/07/08/food-trucks-in-seminole-county    — Leon got this blogging job via a popularity contest put out by the magazine, they will not be disappointed – (my name was on the list, but I wasn’t very popular, maybe I should have asked more than 2 people to vote for me, haha.) But no hard feelings, I love Leon and anything anyone does to promote our area is a very positive thing! I know he’s an interesting read – GO Leon!

I walked into Art Affair and Dlynn was at the beer tub and she was selling selling selling, beer and softdrinks,  you could hardly walk in the door. I met JT Smalley who I am so excited by his ‘bots’, his work is unique, look at the photos, you’ll love it too! I keep encouraging him to spread those wings!
Ronda was behind the bar which meant she was moving like crazy, I hardly had 2 seconds to talk to her other than to yell hello and I’m taking my books home since they  don’t seem to be selling. Guess I’ll list on Etsy.
All was fun and wild last night, have a look and see what I have seen yesterday, it’s been a blast! Today is Casselberry’s Art in the Park with art and Jazz and food trucks from 6-9pm – you have to go experience that also, I am so excited how Joanne Borges has gotten the artists to fill out the booths for this monthly event, she and Linda Moore have really made this quite a popular venue. The Casselberry Arthouse and City Hall will all be open with their art exhibits too –  Go on over, bring your chairs and enjoy all that Casselberry has to offer!

  The photos from Florida Hospital do not include all artwork that is on the walls, just a sampling to make you want to go see the whole exhibit. It is truly a healing wall that makes you smile. Featured artist was Dr. Puxiao Cen    If you are in the are passing through, stop and see what the hospital  does for the artists, the patients and visitors, they truly appreciate the art community!

Then on to Steinway to see Karen and the sky was crazy looking  
The big dark cloudshelf was in front of Steinway Galleries, it almost seemed like a spaceship would suction us all up to be taken off to populate some galaxy far far away.

  back out on the street to head to I-4 for Sanford’s Alive After 5, traffic was heavy, did some point and shoots toward the sky where I ‘guestimate’ where my camera is actually pointing, I don’t look, I just point and press the button – did get some good cloud shots off the interstate

  and the sky was such amazing artwork, thank you Mother nature for an all day event. Finally in downtown Sanford it was all clear and busy.

That swan really fooled me – okay, it’s 3:44 and I have been sitting 4hours- yikes, I might have died here, I just don’t know it, so if you don’t see another blog, I have passed away from a vast assortment of things, otherwise, I’ll be back at it soon for showing off our wonderful artist and the talent in my county!!! Good morning…