So that was that, “Jeremy got bored.” I was told by Greg, Jeremy’s partner and this is what happened, the enchanting Adjectives Market at 1215 E. Altamonte Drive where Skips Boots used to be. It opened in May and is there daily for your optic feasting from 11am to 7pm.

I couldn’t wait to get there. On Friday my friend, Mary K. Shaw was wearing a hat that was perfectly suited to her, ” where’d you get that”, she told me, I HAD to go to the adjectives Market and see the place. And on Saturday I knew I was going to writer/poet Leslie Halpern’s workshop about Dreams and how to analyze and use them in your art, so I knew I would make a bee-line afterwards for Adjectives which was less than a mile away. In fact, I was day dreaming in the dreaming class about what vintage, antique fun stuff they would have. I did learn exploratory things from Leslie and have even been working on my new digital art piece, ‘Earthworms Devouring Earth’, how’s that for a dream and title. That was the one night I had the double vision, that was one of the coolest dreams ever!

After the workshop I drove over and saw the building which looked well suited for a store where individuals have booths, like a mini really classy Renningers. When I opened the door I was immediately welcomed by both Greg and Jeremy and they were receptive to my taking pictures and blogging.

And all one has to do is open their eyes wide be intrigued, to be immediately taken in by the spell of nostalgia that swallows you whole. The place is immaculate and each booth looking designer designed. I have not been so excited about a place since Pieces of Eight that used to be on Orange Ave. downtown. I got a few pieces I cherish from there, one is my ’30’s bookcase, an old carved mahogany piece with beveled glass. It’s one piece that is going into the nursing home with me along with my old lionhead rocker.

I am a lover of antiques especially furniture and more specifically chairs, what does that mean Miss Leslie? I dream of  a huge room with lots of cool chairs!

My Papa was in the furniture business back in 40’s-80’s, he had a very cool store that as a child was like a maze and fun to play among the smell of wood. My sister and I would pretend how our own rooms would look in our imaginary, adult homes. Each year my Papa would go to the furniture marts in Chicago and North Caroline and Atlanta. My grandparent’s home was filled with gorgeous knickknacks and furniture. I loved my grandparents house and apparently so did one of my sister’s best friends sister who is the most recent owner. I still have my grand parents bedroom set and my mother’s John Widdecomb hand painted set from when she was a child. My kids say that when I go, so does the old furniture. My appreciation for vintage either has not passed down or maybe caused a rebellion against my eclectic taste.

I was in my element at Adjectives, I was smiling as I looked at each booth, remembering similar things from my past. I loved the Quimpers French plates, the vintage photographs and magazines, the glassware, pottery, chandeliers: everywhere one looked, every angle, there was a photo-op! And so many wonderful wood pieces, lots of chairs I would have loved to haul home. Loved seeing the old phonographs, radios, stuff wonderful stuff. It felt like being in a time warp, there is an overwhelming warmth associated with antiques and I loved every minute of my hour and a half visit!

Are you looking for art? They had plenty of new and antique pictures. I saw my old acquaintance, Karen Carasik has a Comma Gallery booth, her paintings are quite expressive and I loved the Beetle boxes!
The cabinetry built around the place is exquiste – the upstairs white room in the back is what I would love as a closet. Love the wood detailing.

If you love old jewelry, make this a day to go and have a look at the vintage and new jewelry that different vendors had. There’s clothing too along with everything that waxes antique. Jeremy picked out the right people to fill each booth – get out there today! It’s the perfect day for browsing and buying!

Now eat a good breakfast, then get your rain boots and umbrella and gather a few best friends – get ready not for the rain, but an adventure into a hard wave of nostalgia and happiness – you can’t go in there and not come out smiling and talking about certain items you love or remember or long for – thank you so much Jeremy and Greg — And I must add that they are both so easily accessible if you need help, Jeremy seems like he is everywhere at once, hands on and at your service. Looking for something? Ask him! a BIG P/S  — if Jeremy gets bored again, please send him to my house, I need someone to make heads and tails of my crazy place!