The clouds were quite a sight yesterday –beginning at 7am, the clouds were rather dramatic thickening up kind of dark, then big breaks of sunshine. Finally some rain came through, in fact I was on my way to pick up my lawnmower that I had forgotten to put away before leaving for Tampa and consequently, the spark plug and engine were soaked with moisture and it would not start. So last week I took it up to the Mower shop and left for 6 days and my lawn now looks like the owner abandoned the property.
They called from the shop and I drove over to get the mower while watching the clouds churn darker and darker above. As soon as I rounded that corner to get the mower, rain was pounding down. I ran inside, paid for the mower and then waited and waited and after 20 minutes decided that I would come back tomorrow. There was no way that mower wouldn’t get soaked again and I’d be back to square one.  (I got it this am at 8!)

I got an email that I was juried into the Healing Arts Wall for Altamonte Hospital and found the perfect frame, BUT the mat was an odd size, not the Michaels/Joanne regular stock kind. I bugged Rae Marie at Framing 508 Art Gallery and she found perfect colors to make the photo stand out with the frame, she has a great eye for coordination. I asked if she could make it quickly and she had it ready tonight just at close of Art Walk – She’s terrific! That’s what’s wonderful about this little town of ours, people working hard to help others.

I have to say, the best part of going to these art venues is running into friendly faces. It was a busy corner tonight at First and Palmetto in front of Art Affair gallery. I saw G.K. Sharman who had three very calming pieces at the Historic Welcome Center, while Dlynn and Jim Roll chatted in between having people look at her jewelry set up both outside and her candles and art inside.
Bonnie Sprung is very prolific making her own scarves, hats, shirts and art, she’s a total one woman art store as she sells her wares.
Walking up the street was Mary K. Shaw in a very cool hat,  she’s got a style all her own with her hats and her art.
Ronda came out along with Tom Abbott. Tom is the main attraction in the middle room of the Art Affair Gallery for the month. Tom also had pieces across the street along with G.K. and Alfredo. Tom won Best In Show award for one of his dimensional art pieces at The Historic Center and sold it also!  Go Tom! His work is packed with it’s own flare, I would guess he was a great math student, like his brain sparks and works it’s art and algebraic magic on an internal grid that churns out unique shapes and textures to make the public take notice .  Alfredo Mujica won the People’s Choice award, both these guys are so deserving – these two really add a special professionalism to the Historic Center shows. Tom and Alfredo have that special look and I can tell their work anywhere, it’s like Cherie Dacko, Aurora Brunet, Ivaldo and others whose works imprint the brain so I can spot their pieces without needing a name – I envy that!

I was happy to see Delaney Dean who also was having work framed at Rae Maries. I was impressed with the choice of frames Delaney picked to highlight her photographs.

Diane Miller who has work down at the Avalon in the Florida Registry Members Photography Art Show was at the Welcome Center. She just came off a show at the University Club and Peabody Hotel where she sold her photography.  I’m so proud she is getting her work out and shown. She has had a busy year exhibiting in quite a few places between here and Daytona and spending time in Europe. She’s quite busy as President of the Gateway Photography Club and is a good friend.

The first place I ran into was Hyder Gallery of Fine Art and Lori Anne and Sharon were both smiling and welcoming. Lori Anne’s sweet younger son talked to me at great length about cats and art and animals. He showed me his favorite pieces in the gallery as we toured the room. I enjoyed the painting of women on the palm frond casings. Over at Dan Mastrapa’s Arti-Sans Gallery I was told the next exhibit would be an all woman show. for submission info try this website:

And I was so happy to see Radha, the owner of Divine Mother Earth who has taken to selling her Bohemian/hippie/new age clothing and accessories from her 19foot RV bus at various locations while she also attends college classes and does many other things that compete for attention during the passing days – I have lots of respect for how she has great determination to live her life to the fullest!
Ronda Richley has work on display at the James Harper Fine Arts Gallery in Ormond Beach and I have no doubt people will be blown away by her large, symbolic pieces. She put a lot of thought into the series she made. I am so glad that they are all up and bringing chatter for the Harper Gallery.

The possibility of rain seemed to cull the crowds a bit tonight, but the rains never materialized and all was fine. Have a look:

And thanks so very much to the talented painter and Framer, Rae Marie of Framing 508 Gallery, she did a fantastic job on my mats! She has been framing art for many people over the years, you need something special, she’s the woman to do it! Plus she does wonderful paintings and portraits of your pets and children – contact