Home from Tampa visit and since I was gone almost a week, the grass had grown fast! And dummy me forgot, I left the lawnmower behind the garage door and forgot to take it inside. I pumped the gas and tried to start the engine, only teasing coughs. I took off the air filter and it was soaked and moldy. Ran it up to the Lawn and Mower place and grabbed a new one. Came back home and it didn’t start – DAMN – the spark plug had water in it too, bad news! Back up to mower shop with lawn mower – I told them not to go over a certain amount — at some point it’s cheaper to get another mower. And so much for lawn mowing for a week, they are backed up. I might have to call a service, it looks like I’m living in the woods now, another week and I might have to put down bread crumbs down to find my way to the lake to fish.

Yesterday the sky darkened at around 3 and boom, the rains came. I didn’t think about running up to Alive After 5, but around 7pm the sky looked like it would be good for sunset pictures,  so figured I’d drive up and go say hello to my art peeps then take marina shots. Once I got downtown, my talk mode was on. I ran into everyone and we all chatted and chatted and chatted up and down the street, First it was Marjorie Branchaud with her new brand of beaded bracelets she is making now, they are intricately beaded to have a ‘bump’ to them, a depth that gives it a great shape and soon she will build up an inventory to get selling – ran into Mary K. Shaw who has a piece of her art picked for  TV show, Drop Dead Diva – how fantastic is that! But it doesn’t surprise me, her talent is unusual and fun! There was Dlynn Roll who along with her husband Jim were outside Art Affair Gallery with her jewelry, they have moved their fragrant Candlelite Gallery to Art Affair. Saw Afredo Mujica outside  doing a caricature, he’s looking trim. He and Rae Marie are dedicated to eating right and it shows. Waved to Andrew Hyder as I passed Their Hyder Fine Art Gallery, Ronda’s Art Affair had a good bar crowd. Saw that Kim House is now making a restaurant with Miss Sherry – it is called, La Sirena Gorda, The Fat Mermaid – a Baja mexican theme and food that should be ready in July. Leon and Tom were walking out of The Fat Mermaid and Tom was telling me about his 4 year old graduate, the little adorable boy had graduated from pre-school and was ready for kindergarden. The adorable child had on a cap and gown along with the rest of his graduating class, the photos were tooooo cute!

Met new artists, Debby of Creations By Debbie who had wonderfully adorned boxes with bullets, keys, skulls, also belt buckles and necklaces that were fun and one of a kind pieces reasonably priced. Mike Fazzalaro had gorgeous wood pieces in the shapes of fish made from wood, they positively flowed as if in water. The eyes were well thought out.  Ravenous Green had the new look for  the young, trendy skate boarding crowd, wonderful painted designs.
It’s always so warm to touch base with my friends and get hugs and catch up. It ended up being a great night even though it was not well attended, I’m sure the rain scared many away – and I didn’t get time to take photos of the sunset, I talked till the sun went down. So good to see so many familiar faces, Sanford is really becoming an art hub and that’s what makes it so much fun – here’s look at last nights photos and a few gratuitous grandchildren pics thrown in.