Knew Ronda was having a ‘meet and greet’  at Art Affair Gallery tonight, so thought I’d pop over and see what was new and exciting. First I stopped by the marina and watched as the sun retreated over to the west coast. There was a ‘pro’ photographer out there with his huge, erect lens and tripod, (or a wannabee with great looking camera equipment). A family also came over and  were posing and taking photos by the fading sun, I used the wife’s very expensive Cannon to capture all of them for a couple shots — wow was that Canon DSLR heavy!  Then back to my Canon  point and shoot and wondered if my photos were insufficient compared to those big cameras? It did make me wonder about the quality of the images in comparison and as I looked at the photos, I am sure it is in the coloration, I have never been truly happy with the point and shoots color. But anyway, I won’t know a difference so I’ll show ya what I got! No competition to ‘one up’ me. I had been to the marina in the morning looking for gators, not a one could be seen. Lots and lots of baby ducks though all following their mothers, so many many little cuties, they won’t be going extinct anytime soon!

I arrived at the gallery and Ronda was outside painting away and so excited to introduce me to the new artists. I had been there briefly Thursday for Alive After 5, but her place was so packed that I left thinking I would come back and see her on the backside, but once I got into photographing the dogs I finished and went on home.
She grabbed me and escorted me in, that’s one of the great qualities about Ronda, her raw exuberance for her artists! She makes people feel welcome and important, even a self-important blogger like ‘moi’ – she gives my blogging creedence and always introduces me as if I am a seasoned writer – hey, don’t hold that against her.
The first person I saw was Trish Vevera inside the door painting away. Trish has a wonderful touch with her acrylic painting, she reminds me of a warm relaxing summer afternoon. I was glad to see her working.  Marie DeCosta beautiful as always had a new style she was painting, great colors.  I met Michael the cook and bartender and Sarah Barnaby who had begun doing a small painting from a picture. Sarah is new and her work is very ‘islandy’, she has a big Caribbean feel to her work.  Around the corner was Johanna who is a sculptor inspired by nature and has been sculpting for 30+ years.  Sylvester Stalone, Burt Reynolds and even Alamo Rent A Car at their national headquarters all have work by Johanna as do others around the world. I enjoyed the detailed work by holding a piece to get a closeup. The photos don’t really tell the tale, you must go have a look for yourself. Remember I can’t duplicate the colors either, they will always be a bit different than the real piece of art.

On the walls of the center room was the “Gonzo” artwork of Jeremy Arruda,  very Ralph Steadman-esque – the pieces caught my attention, found them quite exciting, which is the vibe that saturates the gallery anyway!
Delany Dean will be joining the gallery  soon with her nature photography, she showed me her work in a slideshow on her phone, it blew me away – she has a unique twist on wildlife -can’t wait to see her work on the walls. Kathryn Bowden was painting a portrait for a woman who sat wonderfully still beside her. I think of pets when I think of Kathy’s work though she does portraits and caricature too. The majority of the artists in Art Affair are internationally collected. I also met a jewelry artist too and cannot remember her name, nor the name of the glass painter, plus my camera had run out of battery and that was it for my picture capacity.

These nights when the public is invited to watch the artists work and talk with them over some wine and the musical styling of Smiling Tim are an easy opportunity to find out what makes these artists tick. They don’t talk above you , instead they all are anxious to explain and inspire you about  why they choose the style and subjects they do. And if you’re like me, from there we chat about a million different subjects like I’ve known them for years, (oh wait, a few of them I have known for years now.)
Artists  are people  like you and me,  they are here for these venues to make you excited to learn about the art and head connection. And who knows,  you might decide to try your hand at something artistic yourself! Or maybe you want some lessons and direction on learning how to begin your own venture into a painting or jewelry making hobby — Ronda can direct you through that area also, she taught art as did some of the other artists — there’s lots of positive reinforcement inside the walls of Art Affair Gallery, it’s like getting a big art-hug and when you leave, you feel more happy and colorful. Heck, even on a regular day, Ronda is still there to walk and talk you personally through Art Affair Gallery with great enthusiasm.  It’s fun to meet new people and also educate yourself about something new  and exciting. art is always advancing, twists and turns and angles you never thought possible. It’s a good way to begin collecting the artwork of locals whom you come to admire and meeting the artist makes it even more special!
So here’s the marina and Art Affair Gallery and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you mothers who are so nurturing and loving and put all our well being above everything else!