It was a perfect night to go and spend time at Alive After 5 in downtown Sanford tonight – the temperature nice, the breeze perfect, the sky clear, the crowd full. The artists are now all on Palmetto Street. Saw my buddies, GK Sharman, Steven Monser, Joanne and Tony Borges, Alfredo and met a few new people.      The theme was “Sanford de Mayo”, lot’s of Mexican themed dishes, sombreros and some festive dress, but what struck me tonight was how great it is that our downtown loves and welcomes dogs,  You see them at the downtown restaurants under tables as their owners catch a bite to eat.  Dogs of all shapes and sizes, dappled and plain! I decided it would be much more fun taking photos of the canine crowd tonight and show what a dog friendly town this truly is – you don’t see that in the press!.

It was very easy asking people if I could take a photo of their dogs, everyone had a smile and enthusiastic “Yes, sure” – people love their animals, some were fancy breeds, some Heinz selections, but you could see that all were loved as the family member they are.  I grew up with dogs all my life until 2004 when our last dog was very old and weak and had to be put to sleep. I loved the many dogs I’ve had throughout the years: German Shepards,  Great danes,  an English setter, Staffordshire terriers, Basenji, mini bull terriers and a mutt or two along with cats, we always had at least 3 cats at one time. I was bred of the generation of Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Lady and the Tramp, Old Yeller,  Huckleberry Hound, Mr. Peabody, and of course Petey of the Little Rascals/Our Gang comedy we all thrived on! It seems dogs were a natural staple of life growing up in the 50’s and 60’s — almost everyone who had a dog back in our neighborhood never leashed them, except one of our neighbors who had a blind dog and would put it outside on a long rope.  All the neighborhood dogs ran around and we never thought anything of it. You knew whose dog belonged to who, sometimes neighbor kids showed up to your house and their dogs came inside too!  It was how life was back then, we went out to play, the dog did too.

Tonight was a great pooch parade,  dogs on leashes, in purses and sleeping in wagons, it almost made me think about getting a dog, but I know better, I need less responsibility, not more. I can say though, the owners are fierce in their love and pride for their canine companions. So instead of artists, you’re getting dogs, the “focus” of tonight. That and I think I saw an abstract Jesus up in a window over Washburns, you decide, I’ll throw the picture in the mix. And then show you the sun going down over the marina, my cat Luna was unimpressed with the blog tonight, she went off into cat dreams.
If you weren’t there, you missed a very exciting Alive After 5,  come see us next month- gotta go, my ‘dogs’ are barkin’, (or maybe clotting since I’ve been sitting so long) – I’ll get up now and go howl at the moon…



























































































































Sasha decided she’s armed and ready for any dirty dog who might try and occupy space over here,,,