Where to begin? I haven’t struck the keyboard keys for a blog lately, perhaps it’s a “feline funk” over the death of Ringo, he was truly my favorite cat!  And no, I really don’t want anymore responsibility for another cat so don’t go there. I’ll stick with Luna and silly Sasha and grieve over my boy and fishing at the lake will never be the same. Is it bad to pick favorites among your animals? I love my other cats, but Ringo was truly…Ringo.

So here it is weeks later, last night was a supermoon and the beginning day of the first annual, downtown Sanford, St. John’s River Festival of the Arts. I was looking forward to the weekend and then forgot I have children who asked if I would babysit for my youngest grand daughter, Kira. So the baby came first and it was good and bad. The good is having her close and being maternal, love that part! The bad is the colic, poor thing is suffering so after she drinks her bottle. She is on some formula that’s supposed to be broken down for digestion as far as it can go, but the body still seems at war with itself.  It’s so so sad watching a 7 pound baby less than 3 months old scrunch up in gas pain and scream for a couple hours until sleep takes over when they scream themselves out. And even then, in precious sleep, the “after” sobs continue – her little chest heaves with what sounds like a final sob – it just kills you! She will go to a specialist next week and check it out.  That picture is her the face of pain! But she does have many smiley moments too.  She is such a little sweetie, I wish I could absorb all the bad things for her!
We did go outside Saturday as the sun went down and we saw a hawk trying to go after Poe the crow!  Poe flew off with his entourage of mockingbirds also wanting a piece of it, though it looks like a male from the size.. The crow was fine, his injured foot seems to be getting better. Poe lets me get within about 5 feet of him now, wonder if I will ever be able to hand feed it? My neighbor Beverly said he has come to her house dropping off chicken bones into her birdbath. Maybe he performs rituals to rid himself of those parasitic mockingbirds?
    I showed Kira her first supermoon. The moon was supposed to be closest to the earth, but in September and October, the moon has been larger, but gets smaller as it moves higher,  whereas this moon stayed big all night. I watched it duck into the boughs of neighboring trees about 3:30am after I fed Kira. It was a beautiful moon of course, you know how I glorify the moon, but felt the hype was kind of giving it this monster look, though from Yahoo’s pictures, if you were in Greece or California, it looked HUGE, or they photoshopped it!

After the baby and kids left, I was able to run to downtown Sanford where they had billed the St. John’s festival of the Arts, their first art festival. It had been advertised for weeks and I was excited to see how it looked. I drove up at 1:30pm under 92 degree heat. Parking was easy, plenty of spaces. I parked where I always park for Alive After 5, which of course is next Thursday May 10th – just a reminder.
The downtown area was set up perfectly for the affair, artists booths had plenty of space, in fact, there was plenty room for more tents! Someone told me they had about 120 artists and believe me, they were all a class act! Everything was what Fine Art should be. The artists I spoke too were very satisfied with the venue. There were working artists showing off their crafts, woodworkers, a woman spinning yarn, painters, glass and jewelry makers besides photographers and other media. I’ll let the photo’s do the talking. They need to do this in February or March, NOT May! Also, there should have been something environmental representing the St. John’s or did I miss that? Where’s Bill Belleville?
The streets had plenty of room and I heard they advertised a lot, so maybe it was the heat, maybe the press with their negative publicity about the Trayvon/Zimmerman issue, but wished there had been many more people strolling around. I didn’t hear complaints from the artists about the lack of bodies, as I mentioned, most complaints were temperature related. Most of the artists were very satisfied with the inaugural festival. I thought it was every bit as nice as Winter Park. The show’s organizers did a great job and I saw Liz talking with the artists and they were all responding positively. I say congrats to organizers and hope this is done annually in cooler months!

Sorry to Dlynn for making it look like she has her nosed pierced with her earrings!

It was wonderful talking to Betsy Boher whom I talk with on FB and now see her in person, that’s what makes Facebook so much fun!

the pen and ink by Marjorie Bowers were exquisite, my photo comes across blurred and does not do them justice.

Nedobeck cat art was colorful, fun and an instant draw. He also has childrens books made from his drawings.

John Unrue of Sanford had the coolest 3D art. He had the 3D glasses to put on to get the complete effect. What fun in my own backyard of Sanford.
Gourd art artist Boonie Eastwood from Hudson Florida had a lot of great gourd art, she was one of the award winners.

  This is only a small portion of the talent found under the tents on First Street – watch for it next year, this was a treat! It was great seeing my friends, Aurore Brunet, Tom Abbott, Leon http://www.leonkonieczny.com/  the Lake Mary Food Critic, Suzi Ricker Doss, Dlynn Roll, Bonnie Sprung, and others I saw along the way – support the art and artists who bring such beauty into the world – celebrate this talent and come out and enjoy these wonderful venues!