the week comes to an end again and again and again and crazy as it sounds –please let the wheel stop and give me time to breathe!
I stopped by Alive After 5 on Thursday and being “Green” for St. Patty’s Day was the theme. The turn out looked good, was told it had record ticket food sales, really didn’t think it looked as crowded as some in past.
They decided to concentrate all the artists onto one street, Palmetto which was very cohesive. There were less artists this time, fewer of the old standby artists and more new ones. I did notice newbie, Jennifer LaBombard – – she did a nice presentation of her painting and graphic art.  Friends Bonnie Sprung, Dlynn Roll and Joanne Borges were there too, Bonnie selling her tie dye items her Mom seemed to enjoy reading her Kindle. Dlynn Roll was selling her earrings and bracelets and Joanne has her porcelain pieces. The night was nice, but I got out of there early, the full moon was coming! Here’s a look at the night:

Alfredo had been on his liquid diet for 5 days  and is only ingesting water and no food, in effect, it sounds like he’s on a hunger strike and he IS in essence as he if fighting joint pain and arthritis. I am happy  to share that he is winning the war over his stiff joints besides losing over 20 lbs! He says he has more mobility than in a long long time, he can bike and play tennis without the pain he had been experiencing! He’s feeling  froggy – watch out Rae Marie!
Trish Vevera’s work was in center room at Art Affair, her new work is very refreshing! Tom Abbott had a new piece I noticed,  Ronda mentioned that Tom used old bills or email copies or something for that new work, he trashed and reused paper, very ‘green’ of you Tom!
The Historic Welcome Center was a bit disappointing, The walls were blank in front, they also need to get their back room finished so I’ll add my 2-cents — let an artist or two occupy that back room space for a month so each month the space is covered with local art. They did have some very nice work toward the back of the main room.
The Twisted Vine is doing well I am happy to report. Devi the henna painter at was there working on the long fingers of one of the tribal dancers who used to dance when Radha owned the Gypsy’s Lair. I so miss that and miss Radha and miss that cherry drink! The dancers and musicians were so hypnotizing!   I hope Michael Hamberger, the new owner will have tribal dancing night and digeroos again.  Have a look — 

Parking was actually hard to find, it’s like that when you are  there after 5.  But I was lucky to find a spot on Commercial Street and it was easy getting out.
I hurried home around 7pm because the full moon was coming up at 7:07pm.  It was worth seeing because it quickly clouded up and the moon was obscured!
Now it’s 2 and 1/2 days later, Saturday and it’s dinner time, Here goes another day! GK Sharman stopped by and picked up her artwork that I had taken down at Cork and Olive in Lake Mary. Her work is down, but I have new work in there    and new work at Donuts To Go on First Street in front of the Sanford Hospital, stop by, buy some wine at Cork and Olive and eat lots of donuts at Donuts To Go, YUM, love that square glazed gets me everytime, they have the best donuts – fresh and warm!

The marina had nice clouds. I took a few pics and stupid stupid me could not figure out why my pictures were looking so weird and light. Finally  when I left Sanford, I was looking at my settings and found I had the ISO set as bright as it could get! So some of these might look funky.
I bought tomatoes at Farmers Market, but must say when I look at them now at home, half had rotten spots and now I’m mad! I’m calling them out!
I stopped at Maya’s Bookstore. She has a wonderful employee – a young woman full of energy and a good vibe about her. She said they will begin having live music on Saturdays provided by a local band in 2 weeks. Check with them at 407) 321-6504. Yvette the owner is moving things around especially with her vinyls! She has created a  record cave under the stairs with lots of vintage albums. Love her cat who posed quite nicely. Here’s a look at Maya’s  : 

So much fun spending a few minutes looking at albums and reflecting on music that came out when I was in my  teens and was so important to life and the times we were going to. It was a different era and we valued those albums and their amazing covers!
I watched the Selma Alabama 40th Anniversary march on tv and I am perplexed that we still are dealing with voting rights!  How can it be that a few want to change how voter ID is when there is essentially no voter fraud? Don’t get an old hippie started!
Our music during 60’s and 70’s was the best!!!  I think I wore my Surrealistic Pillow album out!       This song comes on and I still remember all I was feeling back in the 60’s!  Aw, being in love was so much fun, til it grew old and messy, but that’s another blog!  It’s great how music can bring it all back!  Thanks Yvette!

Stopped by garage sale at the firehouse, lots of lookers and amazing to look inside a building that once housed the Sanford Firetrucks in late 1800’s. The Farrells  have made it quite a home.








“Who Deh Homemade Items” owner, Grace is so warm! Her shop is right behind Art Affair on Palmetto. She makes purses, has Brazillian brand jeans, candles, jewelry and other goodies. Make sure not to miss her on your visit.

Then over to Art Affair Gallery where a woman was sitting playing the piano very well. It’s great when the customers contribute to the atmosphere!  She had some new art and I was glad to see Trish’s work in the daylight, strong pieces!
Something that caught my eye were the individually made teacup fairies byu Cheri Hiers, you must see these beautiful works of art, each a bit different. They are just enchanting! Here ya go, and go see in person! 

Then stopped by Little Fish Huge Pond because it always has good looking, young art. And Parker Sketch’s work was right in the window

Back home again. I borrowed that dragon from LFHP to make an Iyla pic while watching the
movie, Beast From 20,000 Fathoms Under the Sea, the pre-Godzilla movie that looks like many have borrowed from.
   Here’s a few more pics, enjoy your weekend and file your taxes!