Had not seen the moon in over a week. Not once in Tampa, not once at home until briefly last night when I could see Jupiter and the crescent moon going down beyond the trees. Caught it with a few muted pictures and still I smiled. Jupiter through a telescope is stunning bathed in all her moons. One day maybe I’ll get another telescope, I literally wore mine out, parts fell off, I Elmer glued, Gorilla glued, even Super glued, but I was just too hard on the equipment. http://earthsky.org/tonight   Here’s a link to the sky tonight and planets.
It’s cloudy here already and should be through the night and tomorrow,  that pretty much defeats my efforts for getting a picture tonight.  Last nights photo was rather blurred so I added a sleepy bird just to add a little excitement.
This morning got up again around 5,  this is so wrong of my body trying to sabotage me. So I fed the cats, let in cats, let out cats, let them in and out a few more times then added pics to FB and waited for some light to break. As I looked out around 7:15 into a gloomy morning, I noticed the two herons on the one pine tree were busy. They were building a nest! I also looked up to see the heron who has had a nest, was busy tending babies.  I could hear those baby peeping. For as long as that nest has been up, she has stood beside it most of the time, rarely sitting in it so I wondered if she even had anything in it, now I hear them.
But let me back up, yesterday I was at my computer, I looked through the tangle of blackbirds and saw the crane come into view, which is no big deal, I thought maybe the pair had found another yard to dominate since I had only seen one sandhill crane coming to get seed in the past couple months. Then I looked again and it all made sense, there was a baby with them maybe about 5-7 days old tagging along behind with the female. So that’s why only one bird came, they were nesting! I don’t know where the nest is this time, it’s not near my yard, but I am happy they brought the offspring by, only one. This is about the 8th baby this pair has had, will have to check and see my old records. It’s always good to see these funny ‘colts’ so upright standing in the stick legs belonging to their parents..
Back to this morning, I went out and took gloomy pics of the herons. Noticed how the male would fly off usually to Monty’s yard across the lake and he has a pile of branches and limbs. The heron was smart enough to realize it takes a lot less effort to fetch something already down on the ground instead of standing and breaking off branches. He flew  back and forth retrieving limbs. There was even cooperation by both  placing the longer sticks. At one point the female dropped most of the nest into the lake! Once again they keep working on building it back again. It’s good having two nesting females like last year. Can’t wait till  the air is pierced by the sound of many hungry baby herons and their heads bob and pop over the sides of the nest.

Saw the pair of wood ducks who regularly come close to my shore, only to retreat into the deeper part of the lake if they sense I am near. I went inside for a while and could see nesting material hanging from the duck box, and did catch the male come and sit on top of the box and sing his mate a gentle song.Really wonder if there are eggs in there.

Also looked across the lake to see an otter on the grass like a dog with a rat tail. He was a big one too, but I completely lost that otter when it slipped into the lake, stealthy, without a splash, only the ripples of the water signally his decent.  I was so hoping I would see it surface and play, but I watched and saw nothing. With so many lilypads in the lake, he has plenty of secrecy.
Blackbirds were in large masses on yards, even by my feeder. With the weather colder and so overcast, I should be out working on my yard which is badly neglected. We need rain and while I hear the weather people yapping it up today about this large active cloud passing over to possibly wash out the Daytona 400, guess what, not a drop dropped here so far. My small lake meter is showing now and that’s always bad. We are still down about 5 feet. At least we have never dried up.
I hope you enjoy your Sunday and don’t forget the birds, feed them if you can, they do appreciate it. I am working on my “Fishing People” exhibit and hopefully will have that up at lend of week. Maybe there will be a break in the clouds so the Moon is visible, I just hate it when I don’t see my moon. OK, enough for the bi-polar display of verbiage, GO, make it a great day! Here’s your wildlife.