Have been without internet service and phone since I began this Friday afternoon. I have to tell you it was like Hell on earth not being connected to the web! And Brighthouse makes you hold at least 19 minutes, yep that was the average it took to wait for a human voice! But back up and running so let me finish the blog before it blows again – Remember I was writing that as of what was happening on Friday am…

The sky was pumping out clouds this morning, lots of shapes and varying degrees of colors. Thought it would be a good time to see the sights near marina around 8:45am. As I made my way up Airport Blvd  and noticed the the church that Alfredo had worked on painting the windows to look like stained glass, they looked ‘heavenly’!  I took pics of the sky as I turned and drove through main street where just last night it had been wall to wall people, today it was empty except for a few drifters walking through alleys and side streets. Saw a man on his bike with his poles headed toward marina, will probably see him there fishing shortly.
There was a sign about Wayne Densch have a film festival, “Love Your Shorts”, ran over to see what it would be about and saw streaming artwork attached to side of building’s balcony with clothespins and rope, looked like someone had done a lot of work. Here’s the link to the Theatre  http://waynedenschperformingartscenter.com/
as I made my way to marina, saw a bird I thought might be a heavy osprey fly by. When I zoomed in, I could see it was a young eagle out for a flyby. It stood on top of the Gateway building and watched the ducks and osprey and other seabirds moving about in their early morning manuvering for food. I felt so lucky that this majestic bird swooped over me just before I was leaving to the next post, I work my way up the road and stop and park at several places. This morning a about a dozen fisherman were out and not only were the birds flying by, the sheriff’s helicopter was going slow and flew over my head landing at the parking lot behind the marina. Wondered if someone dangerous was on the loose from the jail?
Got to watch people feeding the seagulls, there were no gators this am. Tried new settings on camera, it’s always a learning curve when you get a new one. Then I ran out of battery juice and have bought a backup battery to have with me, but it hasn’t come yet. Luckily I had my DSLR with me too, so I got some decent shots.  I stopped by Donuts to Go   to get a bite of energy, YUMMMMMM, they have the best donuts! Right in front of hospital so if you get a sugarhigh, the emergency room is right behind the shopping center.
As I was writing this, I got an email from an anonymous source saying the art is from  Sanford FlashArt Group  and they plan to strike again. They did a super job, wonder if it’s artists at the galleries, or shop owners or even people at Wayne Densch? We shall watch and see.
In the meantime, enjoy your Friday -here’s the morning stroll: (and that was Friday, now two days have passed, awk, life seems always in fast forward! Woke up this morning to 34 degrees – will be glad when the cold spell goes away, at least the sun is out! Anyway, here’s the sights I saw on Friday – Have a great week ahead. I’ll be heading to Tampa soon and hope my new grandbaby is born on Valentines day! Will let ya know…