The streets were filled, the night was chilled,the venue was billed, but where were all the masks? I was expecting a lot more color and craziness! It was rather tame, but busy with lots of music. Very happy that Little Fish Huge Pond had lots of music down that way so it was included too! Way too many times, the end of that block is almost left out! I was glad that Michael Hamberger had opened his  new wine/beer bar called The Twisted Vine where the Gypsy’s Lair was. He looked to have a good crowd. He’s needing artists with work to fill his walls. The Cigar Bar that has gone in next to The Twisted Vine is still working on their place. Ronda’s gallery was filled with many familiar faces; saw Tom Abbott  running out to watch for Leon’s parents who had come for a visit, so sorry I missed them, but know they will have an excellent stay especially with Leon’s cooking! Ronda was going in 5 directions and The Palette was packed. They had a good singer too.  Tolle Hovan was outside painting beautiful fruit. Trish Vivera and I discussed grants and non profits as a new art gallery, ‘Artisons’ is going in near where the clock is in the main square near the Colonial Room. They are going to take artist work on consignment and are supposed to be a non-profit gallery, will have details as soon as I get an email back from the owner. Saw GK Sharman with her photography, loved that yellow &  black orchid, but my photo of it sucked so used your water picture! Stephen Monser had pieces for Valentines day, so beautifully done. He said he has been quite occupied by teaching and making his products. Sandra Sheetz Wise was painting a very sexy pic and told me she would not be coming back to Sanford, she’s been coming all the way from Kissimmee each month for years, will miss her wonderful 60’s inspired painting of eyes! I’ll be watching for where you go with your art!
Numerous street vendors with jewelry, hair bows, dog collars, wood making for  lots of visual treats. So since I have already spent 3 hours doing a blog earlier, I’m just going to show pictures. A really interesting fact was that Andrew Hyder showed me in his window, a drawing by the sculptor of “The Thinker”, Rodin. He said it was an authenticated piece he got at an auction. It’s in the window of  Hyder Fine Art Center, go see a piece of history and another thing to see inside his gallery is the work by Doug Powell who has pieced together large portraits using puzzle pieces, (do you think I’ve used the word pieces enough?) they are truly amazing and beyond that, what really blew my mind was Powell’s portrait of Kennedy made with key board keys, and hidden in the portrait is a famous saying of his too – GO SEE THIS! Rusty Wahl has been doing mixed media collage lately, looking good Rusty, (that’s her’s with the peacock feathers.
Alfredo was painting his muses. He had been busy painting windows in a church to look like stained glass and it sure did. Hello Bonnie Sprung! AT Gallery on First, The Abbotts were happily watching their adorable granddaughter color and Mary K was looking good in the well crafted recycled paper hats. Here’s a look at the goings on last night: