That’s a link to the Sip Lounge on 724 Virginia Av in Orlando. They were generous enough to host a Facebook art event – that’s another fun thing about Facebook, a place might decide it needs art and asks locals to supply it. Sip under direction of Heidi Kiensl,  Nicki Equality Drumb, & Rachel Equality Gardnier threw this  on Facebook and had takers like me submitting art. We dropped off our work at 3:30pm into a space with bare walls echoing a need to be dressed up. When we arrived after 6 for the reception, Heidi had worked her magic! The work will be up through Valentines day. And on that day at 6:14pm, there will be a chain of people forming a heart at Loch Haven Park, called the human heart love in –
Nicky told me that they had 200 people linked together for this heart last time they did it, and it’s done to emphasize human rights and equality for everyone despite how certain politicians act when campaigning as they cater to their ‘base’, a bit frightening I might add when caving in to people who have limited mental capacity for empathy for others. I’m all for people being considered human beings and having the rights to go with them,  without love, kindness, consideration, and compassion for each other, what kind of world would we have —  (maybe the crazy one we now have!)
I appreciate those like Heidi, Parker, Rachel and Nicki for going out of their way to promote art and their equality cause and inviting all FB followers to come witness the harmony. So on Valentines Day, join the ‘love in’ before 6:14pm. Here’s a look at the art and as soon as I find all the names of the artists, I will add them to this at the end. Thanks so much for letting my work be included too – I know they had lots of submissions and look how well it all jives together! again Much Appreciation XOXO

Heidi knows how to hang and fast! She did a fantastic job of placing everything perfectly – great eye! The lounge had a good vibe to it, casual and loose while also feeling intimate, a perfect
neighborhood hangout — lots of specialty wines and beer from all over and a great crowd appreciating it.
This was first time driving downtown since my eye started seeing flashes, it was ok before it got dark, but took long way home instead of interstate as the flashes are kind of  distracting in dark. It looks like something is suddenly coming up on me to the left,  so don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of driving in dark to places that aren’t close by unless someone else is behind the wheel. This is from detached vitreous fluid in eye. They say it will probably absorb, but in the mean time, have to watch vision in case there might be a retinal hole or tear. They told me no moving furniture or placing pressure on eye, I’m trying to behave. Just don’t make me stop working on photoshop!
The big yellow face painting when I walked in, belongs to artist Raquel Chilson, 















loved the cranes in this painting.



















After I got home, may daughter called and told me to hurry and look at the moon – So of course, I was out there practically baying at the gorgeous sight! It was so full over the lake, the night with just a hesitation of clouds, but clearly I was doing a moon dance under such splendor!

My friend’s dog Jack looked moonstruck! Hope you all are! Remember tonight is Alive After 5 too, support all the arts folks!