Got a new camera, Thursday. My Canon Point and Shoot died while under warranty so they had to replace it. It went to camera heaven for putting up with a lot of abuse, but that’s why I am queen of buying camera warranties. Got the latest Sony point and shoot, Cybershot Hx100V, shoots in 3D even, if you actually have a way of putting it on a 3D program. Every time I get a new camera there’s something new to learn. I was hoping the pictures came out okay and many of them did. It worked out just in time for the Sanford Artwalk and it was so good to be out and see everyone! But how is it this month is already a 4th Friday, I was just celebrating New Years it seems? Another black hole sucked the month away, time you bastard, my worst enemy! Oh how I long to defy you, do something that lives on way after I’m gone – oh well, guess that’s one thing about blogging, it will be out there forever clogging the bloggesphere with dead posts!

Well, I’ll tell you, there was plenty of talent out there tonight that should be immortalized – for a small town, I am bragging about the artists around here and our little town that pays them reverence! Sanford is doing a great job in spotlighting art, these are wonderful artwalks, but do wish there were artists out on the street selling work, saw only two.
But back it up Abbe, first of all when I arrived it was at 5pm, streets virtually empty except near Sanford Historic Center where they were showing off electric cars, I only arrived as they applauded the speaker. I know my friend GK Sharman was covering for the magazine she writes for, so expect to see something about it in one of the local papers or magazines. Cute cars, hope to see more of them – would do our environment a favor!  Saw Al Fontana sitting on bench. Told me his portrait work was up on walls of Historic Center, so went in to check out the scene. He also has celebrity charcoals, pencils at Art Affair Gallery.  Looked like many artists were represented tonight from painted chairs to photography, they had a lot to look at. 

it was a beautiful night after a day that was supposed to be a belly washer, I think we got next to nothing on the rain scale.
But weather felt great, not too cold – just right for walking around and enjoying the company of others.

I stopped by Framing 508 to see what Rae Marie and Alfredo were up to. Someone is working on a local documentary about artists and both of them have been filmed a few times. When I find out the details, you’ll know.  Alfredo was in fine form talking about his step by step process for his latest work of Three Muses. He’s totally in control and a “Master” at his work whatever he chooses to do. 

On down the street to Art Affair Gallery, have not seen Miss Sherry or Ronda, Tom and Leon for ages. I came across a rice patty hat and underneath it was beautiful Miss Sherry.  I saw they are stocking a large supply of new and exciting wines. They were busy! Ronda was all excited to show me new work. Saw Marie DeCosta had brilliant, shiny abstracts, Peter Cerreta and Toelle Hovan all had new paintings. Tom Abbott’s creations looked great on the colorful wall. Many artists were represented that I have not named. The center room was filled with 12 x 12’s of many many styles, the ones that struck me most were plates. Have a look at the Art Affair Gallery:

There’s so much to look at at Ronda’s I was getting dizzy in a good way from my intake of art. In fact I thought I saw my son and his girlfriend Heather and yep, it was them. Also saw GK Sharman and Tom and Leon, yes, what a happy night! So glad to see them all! 

I had been to Hyder’s Fine Art Gallery and Sharon could not have been beaming more about being busy in a good way! Andrew too seemed excited for the direction of the gallery with new artists applying all the time and new workshops to be given. Reg Garner was featured tonight, he is a stunner of a photographer, had a photo of a rainbow superimposed on metal!  his panorama and ship in fog were quite the visions, he is well known for his eye!  Please go in and see his work on metal, amazing!
I ran into Jeff Drake also, his photography work is centered more on local scenes. I asked him about the demise of the Riverboat Romance, he and 25 employees lost a great job! Well, lets hope another boat will see the opportunity up there soon! I enjoy talking with him.
Andrew Hyder had a ink printing of a cat he had produced on his own paper  with a tribal look and it had sold by the time I had come back!  

The alley looks so lonely without tables and Herbie Hancock. I have not seen him at his new zoo home.

On to Washburns with their exotic furniture, makes me salivate when I look at the pieces. What a great place to take pictures. Tonight it was all about their lighting, loved the  “aneome” looking lights – Their wine bar expected in May:

On down to another furniture store,

Furniture Gallery, lots of exciting pieces in here and accessories.  The place is well stocked with tables chairs, retro looking bedroom and living room pieces.

Went on to see my friend Dlynn selling her wares under street light near Huge Pond, there were only 2 street artists tonight. Dlynn had her own brand of bracelets and earrings and at her own gallery, she sells beautifully painted art, clocks and lots of great candles,  her gallery, Candelite Gallery is at 241 N. Country Club Blvd. near the Lake Mary Event Center.   That’s her nude at Huge Fish, Little Pond.

Behind Dlynn was where Divine Mother Earth used to be, sadly it has sold along with The Gypsy’s Lair. Divine Mother Earth will become a Cigar Bar, it is just beginning to shape up, but will be coming soon.

Jeanine Taylors place was rockin’ last night too, saw Aurore Brunet in Stewart Jones booth. Stewart painted a really energetic red abstract and had put on Facebook. I asked where it was and he pulled it out from behind a table. As soon as it was out, people were commenting on it!  Also I yakked it up with the Abbotts, you feel like you can talk to them all night! Debe is getting miniature mixed media abstracts together for them to be sent to New York. They are wonderful and hearty pieces, the colors and textures inviting and reasonable priced too.  I held a few in my hands for you to see:

And last but certainly not least, Cheri e Dacko and her “Bent Realism” has her two day, Pop Up Gallery near the Mosaic Store and Framing 508 where she has the most exciting exhibit of her work, it’s only there  for a couple days, you must see it, she has a terrific imagination. I am a huge fan of her style, it has feeling, dimension and brings lots of smiles and her framing is spot on which I learned is done by her husband, so together they are quite the team. Go see “Hoarder Baby” in the window. She had sold one piece last night and I am surprised if it’s not cleaned out by tomorrow – Come to Sanford and visit her and the other galleries – you will be so happy to enjoy an afternoon or morning of art and don’t forget the Farmers Market is up till 1pm.  These last art pieces are Cheries’ and she has her own style that is easy to recognize and love! We are lucky to have such great talent right here, take advantage of it! And if you want lessons, go to the galleries, they all offer a variety of things to learn! Plus if you are an artist, talk to the gallery owners, they welcome new artists for their walls!
Props to Cheri for these two day shows – LOVE EM!!!
Keep up the wonderful art all of you – and you art lovers, buy!
Remember, everyday is a beautiful day making and appreciating art!

Now I guess I’ll get dressed and see what the day brings.