I won’t slosh through words too much, I’ll let you read the pictures. A fog rolled in this am about 7:30am, and finally released its’ grip around 9:30. I drove madly to the marina to get some photos and it was just stunning up there. The fog was slight when it started, by 8am it had taken over, that’s when I left home. The fog continued then became even more grayish around 9,  I stopped at the Marina Motel to see what has happened with it, it’s now Monroe Motel, but was told it is a boarding place for the students at the flight school, very interesting. They have redone all the rooms – still working on it, though.
It was wonderful being surrounded in the magical feel of the mist. Not many birds, no gators, (too cold) but here is the progression from my little lake, let’s call it Abbe Lake since I do more on that lake than anyone else, probably even Col. DeForrest whom it is named after –
A petition please, haha!
So this is the way it was from early morning till I stopped at Donuts To Go – (Shameless plug)  for DELICIOUS cherry filled donuts and great artwork, they even have glazed squares and the customer at the counter told me once you go to a square, you can’t go back to round – (I only had one donut, will try the square on Wednesday after eye check because it’s on the same street! – When I got home, it was clear with a few outward stretched clouds lapping toward the warm sun. As I finish, the clouds have now taken over and there is a white haze over sky.  The island turtles were looking for their spot to grab some glorious warmth.  The cranes came to visit and the heron has still not sat down to nest, so no eggs are there.  Should be in  high 70’s today, means I am not hibernating!  I included last nights moon and don’t forget to watch early for the rising full moon,  6:26 tonight!   Here you go, enjoy a day wherever you are and don’t be too ‘jeally’ of Abbesworld – Now go appreciate the view you have, get out the camera, take something that makes you smile for the rest of the day!