X-mas has come and gone and created memories and made a dent in budget! It’s coming and then it’s gone, BOOM! Had a great time with my kids, though I wish I had one more bedroom, and in a couple months with the new baby,  it would be nice to have that luxury, but we make do make it work with my limited space in my  “box”, and when they leave it seems bigger, but there’s a void from the wonderful noise a grandbaby brings!  We make a huge mess and have fun doing it! We even lost Bella and didn’t miss her until a neighbor a couple acres down said she recognized Bella from my FB page and brought her back.  See, social media does have some redemption! Thank you Beverly! Gotta show a few gratuitous pics of the grandbaby:
  It’s so much fun the second time around and so much easier!

Now I think of the upcoming new years  I will need to write a few resolutions.  I have to make some to break like cutting down on carbs and sugar and exercising. Those are easy to overlook! I should find something to teach  people regarding photography so I can try and make a little living, my health insurance premiums are killing me, taking 20% of my income and I’m relatively healthy!
WARNING  DIATRIBE IN THIS PARAGRAPH – I hate these insurance rip off companies, they are killing America from the stress of paying their exorbitant premiums while pretending to keep us healthy as they deny deny deny services! In my case, I have a $5,000 deductible just to afford their lousy insurance. I have friends my age who still have about 5 years till they receive medicare, (if we have it still by then), and they are without any health insurance playing Russian roulette because they can’t afford the premiums with their pre-existing conditions.  My thought is, all it would take would be a car accident, or a major disease and they could lose everything! Obamacare — will it be repealed? Will it change the premiums? We will have to see who gets into office. Right now in Florida, our lousy ass-clown legislators are considering what Florida insurance companies will accept and reject, knowing these jerks, we can see their only real interest is that big Corps are making huge profits as lobbyists pad their pockets while pretending to care about the actual people they represent, but then again, why should our legislators care? They get free (socialized) health insurance for themselves and their families paid by us the voters, why should they care at all? I say take their damn healthcare away and make them pay like we do  then they WILL care!

OK, no preaching… back to business. Today we are waiting for a wet cold front to come as promised, we need rain! Right now at 8am it is in 70’s and still a bit sunny and the birds have been busy, especially the herons, it’s nesting time. I have watched this past week as herons have been robbing the old nest in my tree of it’s twigs preferring my neighbors big pine, the neighbor’s nest is used each year. I figured mine was not going to be of use to the herons this year until yesterday,  a young female sat up there all day. She stood above the nest grooming herself , but did not notice the males coming to help build it even though there are 2 males up there this morning. I can hear their chatter through the open glass doors. I hope they will be rebuilding mine! I noticed that it is courting time for the herons in the neighbors nest, they are lovey dovey, mating will take place soon.
Now it’s been 4 hours since last sighting, she is still up there alone preening and standing above the nest. No male sighting.  ( Had to update as they are rebuilding the old nest,have a look and you can listen to my camera ‘snoring’ everytime I work the lense, has to go back to manufacturer and hate being without it!)   movie link of herons rebuild      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coN46ofHufw&feature=youtu.be
The cardinals and jays are all over too as are the red wing blackbirds and grackles, here’s a view of the wildlife this morning – the cranes kicked their baby out 2 days ago. 

Today was predicted to be rain maker, I went to the marina to check out the clouds. Nothing going on up there really, but here’s a few scenes: 

I just heard thunder, maybe we will get rain in advance of that cold front! Supposed to be 44 tonight – (75degrees right now) the wind is pushing around a bit. Love this gray feel! I hear tiny drops of rain. hope we gain an inch or two, winter means very few days of rain so it’s all needed.
Guess I’ll publish this and try and ponder ways to make money off photography. I really think to do it means teaching something about it. I know there are no wedding or portrait plans in my future, I much prefer the wildlife that doesn’t complain about lighting and a lousy group picture! Will I keep any of the resolutions I make? Do you? Well, you are a much better person! I’ll keep a couple, and only because I’ll throw in a couple of things I already do. Hope you all had a Merry X-mas or Chanukah, or Kwanzaa or whatever was celebrated. Now get ready for 2012, the year of the Mayan calendar – okay, if this is it, the last 12 months of life before the apocalypse, then my resolutions are all about wrecking my credit, getting credit cards and taking them all to the limit, a world cruise, travel,  have to see the Aurora Borealis and buying a car or two, maybe a new house, plastic surgery, then default on everything since this is the last year of earth’s existence! Okay, you’re right, maybe I should make a resolution not to exaggerate so much, it is bit more practical just in case the Mayans were off…